How to Avoid Pet Fees at Hotels – 4 Amazing Ways to Do It

How to avoid pet fees at hotels – Traveling with pets is no small matter, and hotel pet fees can quickly add up. While some hotels may be more accommodating than others, costs should not exceed 10% of total room cost.

By learning to negotiate with hotels, you can avoid pet fees. Also, bring along some familiar food and bedding so your pet feels more at home in an unfamiliar setting.

Check the Hotel’s Policy

As more hotels and Airbnb’s become pet-friendly, understanding their policies becomes ever more critical. Fees vary and could quickly add up if staying for multiple nights.

One of the easiest ways to understand a hotel’s policy on pets is simply asking. Many hotels will allow you to call directly and speak with a front desk staff member directly, or scroll all the way down their home page until you find their FAQ section which contains details such as which species are allowed and any fees for registration fees that might apply.

BringFido or GoPetFriendly are also good ways of checking a hotel’s pet policy; both websites provide an online directory of hotels known for being pet-friendly with filters that help narrow your search down by type of animal, size of dog and other criteria. Using these tools will save time and effort as it eliminates hotels that do not permit pets.

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Know which hotels will charge a per-stay pet fee and which will offer flat rates to help budget accordingly and find a hotel suitable to your situation.

Know What Areas of the Hotel are Off-limits to Pets

No matter the fee structure of a hotel, most have designated areas which are off-limits to pets – typically dining, pool and bar areas as well as gardens – due to potential damage that pet guests could cause in these spaces. They could cause significant mess that would put other guests off their accommodations.

Hotels often require their guests to sign a waiver that releases them from liability if their pet causes damage or additional cleaning costs, with some offering very steep waivers, especially luxury properties.

Good news is that many hotels do not charge pet fees, while for those that do, these fees tend to be relatively reasonable. Motel 6 chain, for instance, has implemented their “Pets Stay Free” policy and do not charge additional fees when accommodating pets at their properties.

how to avoid pet fees at hotels
Doggy at the hotel.

Airbnb has recognized the significance of pets traveling and has made some beneficial adjustments to its policies. One such improvement allows hosts to include a pet fee in their listing that automatically rolls into the nightly price when booking is complete; this way all parties involved are aware of any costs prior to making their arrangements.

Pack Essential Cleaning Supplies

With more and more hotels offering pet-friendly stays, traveling with pets has never been more accessible. But be mindful: hotel pet fees can often come as a surprise and prove costly; everything from nonrefundable deposits to daily cleaning fees should be discussed before arriving for your stay.

Hotel pet fees are charged in order to cover potential damages caused by your furry companion, but there are ways around these charges. One such way is through practicing proper pet etiquette: using designated bathroom zones, respecting personal space and being transparent when there’s an incident that arises. Not only will this help avoid additional charges from hotels but it will also make for a more relaxing stay for both you and other guests!

Make the most of ESA letters to save on hotel pet fees: They allow for the proof that a dog or cat provides legitimate emotional support, freeing you from paying an annual pet fee fee for traveling together with them. With these letters from licensed mental health professionals in place, this tip could end up saving hundreds over time!

Negotiate with the hotel to waive its pet fee altogether. Many hotels are more accommodating of such efforts and may offer you a discounted or waived fee altogether if your pet exhibits good behavior; especially if proof can be shown of this through obedience training records or certificates.

Negotiate with Hotels

Pet fees at hotels might seem inflexible at first glance, but their policies aren’t set in stone as you might assume. By researching and communicating directly with the property, many hotel pet policies can be altered accordingly if needed – you could even get your fee waived by providing proof that your furry friend behaved appropriately during previous stays!

As your first step, avoid third-party booking sites and communicate directly with the hotel. This allows you to negotiate directly around their specific pet policies and open up some wiggle room for fees that might otherwise be non-negotiable.

Some hotels charge per pet while others provide a flat fee based on the number of guests staying in a room. It’s important to keep in mind that some hotels include nightly cleaning fees in your base price while others only charge additional cleaning costs should something happen during your stay, like when your pet chews something or leaves an odor behind.

Planning ahead and being transparent about your pet’s habits are the keys to avoiding hotel pet fees. Showing vaccination records or references from previous hotels where your pet has been an exceptional guest may help negotiate reduced or eliminated pet fees altogether.