What is a Metric in Google Analytics? The 3’s Metrics in GA Gallery

What is a metric in google analytics? There are a lot of metrics on Google Analytics. Understanding them all is not effective, but understanding some of the most important ones is. What is a Metric in Google Analytics? Dimensions and segments in GA help you drill down on data after you have identified important metrics. … Read more

Do Your NASIMS Npower Fingerprint Biometric Enrollment For Batch C Stream 2

Npower NASIMS on Fingerprint Biometric On Npower – NASIMS management has opened the NASIMS registration portal for the Batch C candidates who were not in the stream 1 shortlist to verify their shortlisting status on the portal. To do this, you must have registered previously and you have your login credentials. Then move ahead to … Read more

Computer history | The Start of Modern Computing (2023)

You want to know how modern computer came to be? Here’s a concise easy to understand computer history preamble. The Complete Computer history from Ancient Times to the Present Day Introduction: A Brief Computer History – A Look Into The Beginnings of Modern Computing and the inventors. In 1946, John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry designed … Read more