Can You Get Charged If You Hit Another Car While Reversing No Damage?

Reversing is often associated with collisions. This is particularly likely in an enclosed parking lot environment.

State law dictates that it’s essential that you remain at the scene and provide your information directly to the owner of the vehicle involved in an incident. If they’re not there, leave a note with your details such as name and number for them to call.


Car owners don’t usually file criminal charges when another driver hits their parked vehicle while it is unattended, however an injured party could file civil litigation and it is important that due diligence be conducted immediately by consulting with an attorney as this will reduce liability and ensure all laws are obeyed.

Though cars are designed to be safe, accidents still happen. When one car hits another while in reverse, most often due to insufficient visibility from behind, drivers should use caution and ensure full visibility by looking both ways before reversing; unfortunately not everyone does this and thus reversing accidents occur frequently.

When involved in a car accident, no matter who was at fault, it is always wise to contact the authorities immediately. They will assess the situation to assess if anyone was injured as well as assess whether your damaged vehicle can still be driven safely and drivable. A police officer may advise leaving the scene of the collision until an official report is filed; in these instances he/she will assist as needed with paperwork for you and await further instructions from their officers.

If the vehicle owner is present, you should exchange insurance information. This step is crucial since if the other driver files a hit-and-run claim against you, severe penalties could result. Furthermore, contact your own insurer so they can report this incident; in many instances collision coverage should assist here.

If the other driver isn’t present, you should try to locate him/her as soon as possible and leave your contact details on their dashboard as this is usually required in most states. Unfortunately, locating them could prove challenging if their vehicle is located in an active area such as an intersection.


Reversing into another vehicle can be both nerve-wracking and terrifying, with potential injury for passengers in both cars. Hitting a parked car often feels even worse since its driver usually remains stationary – creating the possibility for panicked driving that could cause you to flee the scene of the accident without stopping to investigate; technically this would constitute hit-and-run and could land them in hot water with authorities.

At the scene of an accident, it’s crucial for drivers to stay and exchange insurance information with all involved parties. In most states, this is required as evidence. If the car owner cannot be reached immediately, witnesses who can attest to what occurred should also be sought out – photos of both cars involved will serve as essential evidence against anyone claiming more damage than was actually caused or that another car was hit as well as protecting both parties involved from claims that may otherwise arise later.

Write down and gather contact info of any witnesses; if possible, secure video footage. Furthermore, calling the police to report an accident will make it easier to track down other drivers involved and obtain insurance details if necessary.

According to state laws, drivers who cause accidents can face charges such as hit-and-run or failure to stop at an accident scene. Both charges carry serious repercussions that may include fines or even jail time; it is therefore wise to consult an attorney immediately upon being involved.

Are You Charged with either of These Crimes After an Accident?? That depends on several factors, including location, time and condition of vehicles at time of crash. In general though, if it can be proven that you did not cause visible damage then no charges should be brought against you; nonetheless it would still be wise to inform your insurance provider as this will make filing claims in future easier as it will also minimize consequences from this incident.