Can I Sue My Neighbor For Water Runoff?

Many homeowners experience issues related to water runoff from neighbors. This can range from leaky sprinkler systems and flooding from land grading. Thankfully, legal solutions exist that can address such concerns. In general, an uphill neighbor is not responsible for damage to downhill properties caused by natural forces like rain. However, if they alter their … Read more

How Long Does It Take For Charges to Be Dropped?

The prosecutor is the sole person with the ability to dismiss charges in a criminal case, both prior to and following formal charges being brought (known as “information”). At best, prosecutors and courts may dismiss charges before trial begins for various reasons. Insufficient Evidence Insufficient evidence is a legal term that refers to when prosecutors … Read more

What Are the Signs Your Case Will Be Dismissed?

Beating charges against them is the goal of many, as being cleared means being spared of criminal records, jail or prison time and other consequences associated with an arrest. Prosecutors owe an ethical obligation to both the court and public in winning cases, so when they detect signs that a case might be weak they … Read more

Why Should I Get a Lawyer For a Misdemeanor?

Misdemeanor charges tend to carry lesser consequences than their felony counterparts; however, they still carry serious repercussions that can make life harder when applying for jobs, renting apartments, getting student loans or seeking professional licensure. Criminal lawyers can review your case and help determine whether there are any viable defenses. They can also represent you … Read more

When is it Too Late to Fire Your Attorney?

Resigning from an attorney may be your right, but do so with caution and due consideration. A new legal representative must be hired, who must then have time to learn all about your case before acting as replacement. Firing an attorney without following their contract could result in significant legal ramifications for you. Here are … Read more

What is a Life Estate Deed?

Life estate deeds in New Jersey are legal documents that transfer ownership of property to an individual for their entire lifetime, enabling them to either reside there themselves or rent it out while taking responsibility for paying all applicable property taxes and insurance premiums. Life estate deeds must include language reserving an interest for life … Read more

What is the Legal Order Fee LTS? Top 4 Areas Where LTS is Involve

Legal Order Fee LTS is a bank charge assessed when court-issued orders require bank records be released to individuals or agencies. Fees charged cover costs associated with reviewing and responding to these requests. They can be assessed for wage garnishments, child support orders, tax liens, injunctions or similar reasons. Bank of America Charges a Legal … Read more

Is There No Indictment After 180 Days Mississippi? 4 Great Hints for You

Is there no indictment after 180 days Mississippi? Mississippi does not impose a time limit on when police may charge someone with a felony, making early legal advice key for successful representation in court proceedings. If 180 days pass without indictments being brought against someone, their case generally ends – however that doesn’t preclude future … Read more

What Happens If a Supreme Court Ruling is Ignored?

What happens if a supreme court ruling is ignored? Unimaginably, states would rarely disregard a supreme court ruling. With their significant legal weight and consequences attached, noncompliance could bring devastating lawsuits or US Marshalls at your door. Paulsen and Whelan assert that the Constitution means whatever five Supreme Court justices deem it to mean; accordingly, … Read more