Can You Get Charged If You Hit Another Car While Reversing No Damage?

Reversing is often associated with collisions. This is particularly likely in an enclosed parking lot environment. State law dictates that it’s essential that you remain at the scene and provide your information directly to the owner of the vehicle involved in an incident. If they’re not there, leave a note with your details such as … Read more

Can My Car Be Repossessed If I Make Partial Payments?

Lenders tend to be more accommodating when you find yourself in financial difficulty and many are willing to consider alternatives other than repossession as possible solutions. Unfortunately, lenders can legally repossess your vehicle even when only one payment has been missed, because they do not need to wait a certain number of payments before repossession … Read more

What Will Happen If I Accidentally Hit a Mailbox and Drive Away?

Hitting a mailbox can have serious repercussions. To protect yourself and the owner of the mailbox, follow proper reporting procedures and notify them as soon as possible. Keep all receipts for repair or replacement costs to document any charges you incurred as soon as possible. Mailbox collisions are all too common, whether the driver is … Read more

I Was Assaulted at Work and They Fired Me – What is My Fault?

Being assaulted at work is an emotionally upsetting and frightening experience that may leave lasting psychological scars. Seek medical care if necessary for injuries sustained as soon as possible and document all aspects of the incident to seek legal advice later. Many companies have policies in place that prohibit workplace violence. If these rules are … Read more

What Happens If You Give a Subcutaneous Injection Intramuscularly?

What happens if you give a subcutaneous injection intramuscularly? Learn to administer self-injections takes practice. Injection sites should be thoroughly cleansed and inspected to prevent infection; additionally, using the right technique is crucial. Pinching the skin elevates subcutaneous tissue and alleviates discomfort. Quick insertion with an appropriate needle length lowers risk of accidental muscle injection. … Read more