How Many Feet Are in a Mile? Mastering Distances in Miles

At school, you likely learned the length of a mile; however, this information can easily slip your mind. Here is a quick refresher so that when asked again by someone about its distance. Today, an international mile is defined as equivalent to 5,280 feet; however, some countries continue using miles for historical, cultural or practical … Read more

What and How Long Is a Light Year?

How long is a light year? Astronomers use light years as a unit of distance measurement in astronomy. A light year can be used to assess distances between distant celestial objects. Furthermore, its conversion can also provide an alternative measure for light days, hours and seconds. Astronomers find the light-year an ideal measurement to represent … Read more

How Far is a Block? 4 Major Areas Spotted

A block is the unit of measurement used to define the distance between streets. Usually this measurement equals 1/8th of a mile or 660 feet; however, its exact size varies from city to city. Knowing how far is a block is can make urban environments easier to navigate. This article covers its length and number … Read more

How Far is a Million Miles? 40 Times 4 Major Distances

Reaching one million miles is a monumental accomplishment for any truck driver; yet just how far is a million miles? One million miles is equivalent to circumnavigating Earth 40 times and more than four trips around the Moon. Due to the vast distances within our solar system, astronomers use specific units of measurement such as … Read more