Why Did My Landlord Hire a Property Management Company?

Property management companies perform far more duties than simply collecting rent. They market properties, show them to potential tenants and conduct screening processes in compliance with Fair Housing laws. Landlords often have limited time and funds available for property maintenance tasks. A property management service can save landlords both time and money. Legal Responsibilities Landlords … Read more

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Commission Split

Real estate agents receive a commission when selling homes. Agents usually work through licensed brokerages that adhere to certain business standards; their commission payment is received post-closing when escrow has received all funds wired by buyers and lenders. Realtors owe money to their brokerages, so they must choose them carefully and negotiate competitive commission splits. … Read more

Level Up Home Improvement – What or Who Are They?

Level Up Home Improvement is an established construction company specializing in home repair, remodeling services and storm damage restoration. Their highly regarded professionals take a hands on approach when meeting all their clients’ needs in order to guarantee only the highest standards are met. Cody and Kelley take great pride in maintaining these high standards … Read more

The Best Books About Commercial Real Estate

The best books on commercial real estate provide a comprehensive overview. These resources will equip you with all of the knowledge required for effective property due diligence, business planning, development financing arrangements, contract negotiations and marketing strategies. This book should be read by anyone entering the real estate industry, as its author draws upon his … Read more

Home Additions Colorado Springs

Home additions Colorado Springs offer an ideal way to extend the living space for you and your family without moving. From adding a garage for easier accessing of the property to expanding your kitchen to making more room to cook or even creating a sunroom within your existing house – home additions provide endless possibilities! … Read more

Real Estate Automation

Real estate automation enables operational teams to effectively handle more complex business processes while freeing skilled team members to focus on doing their best work. It is an efficient way of streamlining key functions like property management, lead generation and client communication. Marketing automation tools help real estate agents focus on serving clients, while simultaneously … Read more

How to Apply For Emergency Homeless Assistance

Emergency homeless assistance can provide crucial aid to families and individuals without other options available to them. The main source for receiving this aid are shelter intake centers. Applicant households must meet one or more priority categories under the local Continuum of Care (CoC). Usually this involves those fleeing domestic violence, dating violence, s*xual assault … Read more

Top 4 Immediate Housing Assistance For Homeless

immediate housing assistance for homeless

Here are 4 immediate housing assistance for homeless: Individuals experiencing homelessness or in danger of becoming homeless have access to various programs which offer immediate housing assistance, including temporary shelter, bridge housing, permanent supportive housing and the Rental Assistance Program (RAP). Step one is to contact your local HUD office or authorized agency and receive … Read more

Emergency Housing Options: Making A Wise Choice

emergency housing

If you require emergency housing, there are various options available to you, such as shelters, hostels, temporary housing and bridge housing. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with these alternatives so that you can select one suitable to your individual circumstances. Emergency Housing Step one is visiting a shelter intake location, once accepted you … Read more

I Need a Place to Stay I’m Homeless: 5 Places to Look for Shelter

I need a place to stay I'm homeless

I need a place to stay I’m homeless: Step one in finding housing when experiencing homelessness is to locate a local shelter. These facilities, typically run by government agencies, offer temporary shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness. Another possibility is staying with friends. Though some may initially refuse, if you ask nicely they might agree to … Read more