Online Courses For Stay at Home Moms

online courses for stay at home moms

Studying online can be an ideal option for stay at home moms as it allows them to complete their courses when it is most convenient, reducing distractions and saving on childcare and transportation costs. Studying at home provides them the flexibility of studying silently or with background music, helping them stay focused without neglecting the … Read more

What You Need to Know About Online Course Creation

done for you online course creation

Launching an online course is an effective way to productize your services and generate long-term income, though it requires time, specific skills, and technology for recording and editing videos. Many course creators begin with an audience and an identified pain point before conducting research to uncover an engaging yet distinct topic for discussion. Design If … Read more

Business Funding Masterclass

business funding masterclass

Many business owners with great ideas find funding difficult to secure due to difficulties packaging their business in such a way as to attract investors. This masterclass will teach you how to present and pitch your idea to potential investors. Business Plan A business plan is a written document that details your goals for your … Read more

Influencer Mastercourse – How to Harness Influencer Marketing Strategically

influencer mastercourse

Influencer marketing has quickly become an essential tactic for marketers looking to drive awareness and growth for their brand or business. This Chartered Institute of Marketing course will help you leverage this trend strategically. Gain an overview of influencer marketing and discover how to plan, run and report on successful campaigns. Explore archetypes and typical … Read more