Comfort Texas Bed and Breakfast

Comfort Texas bed and breakfast are residential houses that provide lodging and a gourmet meal to visitors. Their rooms tend to be spacious with period decor that creates an atmosphere that feels homelike for their guests.

The Meyer B&B on Cypress is a large inn and cottage rental property covering two city blocks, featuring Cyprus trees that shade lawns and patios, homes or rentals with unique characteristics, and all with stunning cypress tree canopies that provide shade from overhead.

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The Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cypress

Comfort Bed & Breakfast offers an ideal setting for exploring the Hill Country. Conveniently located close to Fredericksburg, Boerne, and Kerrville – its unique Victorian cottage provides a quiet retreat with breathtaking views!

Rooms at this property feature an eclectic combination of period appropriate and whimsical furnishings, offering guests the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or afternoon coffee while looking out on Cyprus Creek and open deer fields. Summer kitchen and screened-in porch are available for meals; suites and lodge-style rooms can also be selected from.

Buildings on the property house sixteen rooms and a newly constructed cabin built by woodshop students at a local high school. Rooms feature either king- or double queen-sized beds with private bath featuring both tub and shower facilities, screened-in porch seating area and coffee maker.

Comfort offers many attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, such as hiking, fishing, canoeing and picnicking. There are also several restaurants that serve authentic Texas cuisine in Comfort. Wedding parties often choose Meyer B&B as a venue during their big event weekend!

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The Meyer Homestead Suite

In Comfort, Texas’ small town of Comfort, The Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cypress offers rentals across two city blocks. Cypress Creek runs through the property while Cyprus trees line its banks providing shade on patios and lawns. Hotel and cottage buildings feature suites featuring king-sized beds with kitchenettes, private bathrooms and screened-in porches – some even feature firepits and seating areas outside for relaxing outside! Guests are invited to contact or visit the front desk with any inquiries they have concerning extra linens or events in their local communities.

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Summer and fall at The Meyer Bed and Breakfast see many wedding parties from out-of-town visiting for wedding ceremonies or family or class reunions; we also accommodate plenty of people during these gatherings so there is ample space.

Guests staying at this B&B will have access to numerous restaurants and cafes nearby, offering American-style coffee, cuisine or Tex-Mex dishes. There are also wineries and breweries within 30 minutes driving distance – offering guests plenty of dining options!

The Stage Stop

This Historic Landmark can be found in Comfort, Texas and serves as both a Victorian Cottage and Bed & Breakfast. Owned and restored by family, each room in this secluded courtyard is decorated with handcrafted furniture, antiques and collectibles to complete its nostalgic ambiance. Originally constructed by Ephriam Wilcox in 1848 – Wisconsin became 38th state within that year!

Early stagecoaching travelers would stay at inns known as “stage stops.” Here they could enjoy meals and overnight accommodations; menu options typically included simple fare such as pork or wild game, beans, cornbread and biscuits with butter. Prices typically ranged between 40 cents and $1 in the 1850s – it was an affordable treat! Today The Stage Stop serves breakfast and lunch to tourists as well as locals; museum tours provide history lessons about Guadalupe Valley history from 7 am until 10 pm daily making this an ideal spot to experience Guadalupe Valley history first hand!

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The Ernestine Meyer Cottage

The Meyer Bed and Breakfast, situated in Comfort, Texas is an expansive inn and cottage rental property spread over two city blocks. Cypress Creek winds its way through it while Cyprus trees cast shade across spacious lawns and private patios. Each of its sixteen buildings provides its own distinct experience – homes, three-room houses and hotel-style suites all make up this diverse complex.

Kristen, general manager of The Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cypress, enjoys working closely with her staff as well as meeting guests who visit. With many years of experience working in hospitality industry, she loves getting to know those staying at The Meyer B&B on Cypress.

The Meyer Bed and Breakfast provides its guests with numerous amenities to make them feel at home, such as a large summer kitchen, firepits, screened-in porches and a private gazebo. In addition, continental breakfast is provided, while guests may bring in their own food to cook in one of two kitchens on site. Each room features period-appropriate furniture as well as contemporary pieces from period and contemporary artists – only minutes away from Fredericksburg, Kerrville and Boerne!

The Gast Haus

Ida’s Gasthaus offers guests a serene respite from everyday life, with each of its rooms designed to offer them homelike comforts during their stay. Relax on the front porch or use the fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

Visitors to the property will also enjoy its breathtaking landscape and historic buildings – the Homestead Suite, Stage Stop and Ernestine Meyer Cottage are original structures from when the town first established – these served as schoolhouses, saloons, midwife clinics and hotels during their days of operation.

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The Gast Haus offers the ideal setting to experience all that Texas Hill Country has to offer, conveniently situated in Comfort with easy access to Fredericksburg, Kerrville and Boerne. Make the Gast Haus your vacation destination!