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How To Play Dungeons & Dragons (A Beginner’s Guide) – Wikidot 5e Druid

Welcome to a Crap Guide to D&D – Druid 5e

The Druid is what happens when a Ranger decides to fully commit to being a furry/hippie instead of just half-assing it because they only trying to impress that lovely dryad they met in the forest that one time.

They’re primarily a casting class, but unlike Clerics with their holy Senpai, Warlocks with their sugar daddies, Bards with their awesomeness, or Sorcerers with their rich magical parents’ inheritance, Druid’s magic comes from Mother Nature and from first-hand.

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At second level, you can fulfill every furry’s dream and transform into an animal, but not just any ol’ lamey-o neon-colored, over-saturated mess like Argeon Darksnout, the rainbow dog with an indie-band t-shirt over there. No, I mean cool animals. Like the original character: Grabuljean, the nocturnal giant toad.

DON’T STEAL! Your archetype will be based around whether you want to be part of the forces of nature or if you want it to work for you. To list them off: Land for different flavours of spells, Moon for when you want to take your fursona to the next level, Dreams for if you secretly wanna play a cleric, Shepherd for if you want to be king of the wigglers Spores, for if you want to reenact The Last of Us, and Twilight, for that sweet, sweet EDGE.

Just like all the classes, your features improve with your level. Where druids differ is that their animal related features mean that the beasts you summon or wear fursuits of don’t necessarily get stronger, but rather they’re thrown into the garbage and replaced by things with increasingly more fleas.

Moreover, they gain additional features a regular animal couldn’t imagine if it was high on devil-weed. Which gets really TERRIFYING at later levels. Imagine this scenario: You’re walking in the woods. Your phone is dead and there is no one around there, what will you do?

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Suddenly, spiky thorns sprout out around you, making movement painful. An adorable bunny rabbit sitting in front of you, seemingly harmless, suddenly starts shooting giant bees out of its eyeballs and turning the tree branches around you into black mambas, will you still be Wikidot 5e fighter or not?

Design an encounter for THAT, Dungeon Master. And now, you know how to play Druid. You’re welcome once more.

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