Edna Cintron – Motivational Speaker and 9/11 Survivor

Despite never completing high school, Edna Cintron was studying until the eleventh grade, working toward a GED, which is the equivalent of a high school diploma.

She is often shown in 9/11 pictures and videos. When the skyscraper fell on the World Trade Center, she was in the area of the survivors. The debris covered her. The first person to identify her was a woman named Marlene.

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Edna Cintron was a survivor of 9/11

Survivor Edna Cintron survived the devastating attacks of 9/11 on New York City. She was one of the last people to be photographed at the World Trade Center after the plane struck.

Cintron was buried under the rubble for three days but eventually managed to escape. Though she suffered some injuries, she was able to survive and is now a motivational speaker.

Since retiring from the federal government, she has been using her story to inspire others.

She worked at the One World Trade Center during the attacks. Her name was written next to the names of the other victims of the attacks. Unlike some of the other survivors, Cintron is not well-known to the public.

Edna Cintron , 9/11 survivors

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Her relatives and better half are unidentified. The tragedy of 9/11 has left her name obliterated in the media, and her story is just one of the many that shaped her life.

Edna Cintron was a secretary in the South Tower during the attacks. She was trapped on the 71st floor when a plane hit the building. Despite the fact that she was trapped inside, she was able to escape.

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The collapse of the building killed everyone else inside the building. Cintron’s body was discovered in the rubble eighteen days after the attack.

She had a thin, blonde hair and an average body. She remained trapped under the rubble for over an hour while trying to survive the attack.

The temperatures of the surrounding area were not the same, and several people were imprisoned in areas that were cooler. Cintron died at the age of 46, just two months after the attack on New York City. However, her story remains inspirational.

She worked as a florist in Harlem

When her husband was killed in the September 11 attacks, her daughter was left to care for her ailing mother. Edna, a native of Puerto Rico, began working at a flower shop in Harlem with her mother.

She often worked until eight in the evening, Saturdays and Sundays. Her work ethic and friendly demeanor won her the admiration of her fellow workers and customers.

Edna Gibson was 46 years old when the tragedy occurred. Born in Puerto Rico, she was brought to New York when she was a young girl. Edna was a fighter who fought through the hardships of single motherhood.

Her office was located on the 93rd floor of the North Tower, and she survived the initial crash. Edna was found waving from a badly damaged floor. Unfortunately, her life was cut short seventeen floors above.

She was married

In October 2001, a group of terrorists named al-Qaeda attacked the United States. The group coordinated four attacks, including the devastating attack on the World Trade Center.

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The victims were in three separate locations: the World Trade Center, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and Arlington County, Virginia. Edna Cintron and her husband William were both working on the 97th floor of the World Trade Center.

She was buried under the rubble for three days but survived. Since the attack, Cintron has become a motivational speaker and is a motivational speaker. After recently retiring from her federal government position, she is helping other victims and survivors of the attacks.

Although she had been dating other people when she met her husband, the couple quickly began spending quality time together. They would go on vacation together, but Mr. Cintron would commute to his job for a couple of hours each way.

That was a sign of their love, he told a reporter. A couple of months later, they moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. Two years later, they were married. The couple had been married for two years when William told Edna he wanted a baby with him.

While Edna made it to the outside of the north tower, she died of smoke inhalation. The explosion between the 93rd and 99th floors destroyed all exit doors. Edna Cintron’s body was recovered from the rubble in 2002.

Thousands of other victims died during the attacks. The tragedy of 9/11 is particularly tragic for families of the victims. Even though she was married to a man, Edna lived a life that would be difficult to forget.

Edna Cintron, 9/11 survivors , survivors , motivational speaker

She was a perfect wife

The woman who was buried beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks was a perfect example of an ideal wife. Edna Cintron, who worked in the North Tower at Marsh and McLennan, was only six stories up at the time.

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She survived by doing a remarkable feat: she did not jump when the upper 17 floors collapsed onto her. Rather, she walked right through the center of the steel melting temperature infernos.

And when the airplane crashed into the World Trade Center, she stood in the hole made by the plane.

She had two siblings, an older sister in New Jersey and a brother who lived in Florida.

Thankfully, she was not among the thousands of people who died that day. Edna was an incredible woman. And her legacy will live on through the stories of those who lost their lives on September 11.

Edna and William Cintron were married in 1947. Edna had long curly hair and prominent green eyes. She worked in the world financial centre, where she was the billing administrator’s assistant.

She survived the impact of 9/11

After the attacks, Edna Cintron, an employee of Marsh & McLennan, retired and volunteered to help victims of traumatic events. While the upper 17 floors collapsed on her, she didn’t jump.

Instead, she stood in the hole left by the American Airlines flight 11 as it came down. Her husband confirmed her identity. Her incredible survival story has inspired many people, and it will continue to inspire others.

The day of the attack, Edna Cintron was working at the World Trade Center. She had just gotten into her office when the planes struck. Fortunately, she made it out in one piece, although she was trapped under the rubble for three days.

Although she was injured, she recovered, and was able to walk to safety. She later went on to become a motivational speaker. Although she recently retired as a federal employee, she continues to help those who have survived tragic events like 9/11.