Facebook Ads That Aren’t Getting Results

Have your Facebook ads failed to generate leads or conversions? It’s an all too familiar scenario among marketers.

At the core of any successful ad is its message and copy – something Facebook ads excel at providing. Their top ads often use attention-grabbing headlines with benefit-driven copy that leads to a landing page rather than your home page of your website.

Get Your Ad Created

Facebook ads can help your business reach your desired audience and encourage desired behaviors, but before getting involved it’s essential that you clearly define why and how you intend to measure their success. Once this step is clear, determining an ad objective for your business becomes much simpler based on its goals – such as increasing downloads or leads generation using “get more installs”, or boost an organic post or Page to get in-person appointments or information from potential customers using “get more messages”. Facebook provides several different options if this approach doesn’t fit – depending on what works for your goals it offers many different objectives that suit each goal perfectly based on its goals based on what goals your goals you choose!

Once you know your objective, the next step should be creating a campaign and ad set that reflect it. Next add folder-like ad sets into which files or ads creatives may be stored – again reflecting your goal in their name.

Creative is at the core of anything that engages an audience and prompts a click from them. Video ads or carousel ads on Facebook may also garner clicks, so consider also working with a copywriter. However, gathering feedback from colleagues and friends may provide invaluable help when honing your message into something clear and persuasive.

Get Your Ad Copy Written

Facebook limits primary text copy to about 115 characters; shorter copy is better. Ad creative, headlines, and descriptions work together to convey one clear idea – use both headline and description together for maximum effectiveness – such as Sustainable tableware brand Society6 who use their ad to emphasize product value before inviting their target customers to shop them!

Use of one clear CTA is key when running Facebook ads because Facebook only charges you when your ad results in conversions that you desire. Ads with multiple conversion objectives tend to be more confusing for audiences and less likely to yield results; to prevent any confusion among your target audiences and deliver desired conversions more efficiently. Choose one conversion goal and adhere to it throughout all elements of your ad such as creative, headline and description copy – daily deal site Groupon successfully does this through their newsletter signup offers and subsequent Facebook retargeting ads later upsells later for purchases later using Facebook retargeting ads.

Facebook allows advertisers to target specific audience members with pinpoint accuracy when advertising specific products or services – such as garden hoses or SaaS tools – which only appeal to specific groups. Gavin Helm-Smith shares some tips that will help maximize this targeted reach of their ads on Facebook.

Get Your Ad Setup

Facebook advertising can be an effective way to expand your business reach, yet setting up ads on the platform may be daunting if you don’t know where to begin. Here is some guidance that may help.

Step one of creating ads on Facebook involves choosing which ad type to create. They offer various formats, from single image and video ads, carousel ads and collection ads – to dynamic ads which allow you to combine images, videos, headlines and descriptions into various forms of one ad!

After choosing an objective for your campaign, the next step should be deciding how the algorithm optimizes it to reach its goals. Choose between Awareness, Consideration or Conversion as possible objectives.

Next, choose your target audience and budget for your ad campaign. In addition to selecting this information, specify where and when you wish for the ad to run for maximum effectiveness of your campaign.

Once your ad has been constructed, it’s time to put it through its paces! Take different variations of your ad to determine which performs the best; keep in mind, however, that audiences might tire of seeing the same one over and over; to combat this effect make small modifications such as changing its background color or including a different headline each time to keep people interested.

Get Your Ad Running

Facebook provides businesses of all kinds with a range of ad formats and options tailored specifically to meet the needs of any business. If your goal is to increase brand recognition, an organic post ad might be ideal; click-to-website ads are useful in driving more website traffic; while sponsored posts offer another avenue for promotion of specific products or events.

Success on Facebook begins by understanding your goal as a business and tailoring your ads accordingly. Society6’s ad not only displays iPhone cases but also includes an easy call-to-action to shop on their website – creating low friction conversion rates that will make their ads worthwhile if kept running for an extended period.

Your monthly budget can be set when creating an ad, and can be updated at any time. In addition, you have the power to pause or restart it at any point by selecting your campaign from your dashboard and clicking Edit & Restart.

Dynamic ads allow you to send Facebook your assets (images, videos, captions and headlines), which it then mixes and matches according to user interests in order to show your ads to those most likely to see them. This option can be especially helpful when trying out various creative approaches – for instance when advertising holiday sales or new product releases.