What Happens If Davy Jones Steps on Land? Immortality or Status? Find Out

What happens if davy jones steps on land? Davy Jones is a ghostly pirate captain and leader of the Flying Dutchman. Bound to both sea and Dutchman for long periods, Davy cannot leave either for too long periods of time.

Calypso charged Davy Jones with operating the Dutchman and transporting souls to their afterlives – yet forbids him to set foot on land except one day every ten years.

Losing his Immortality

Davy Jones may be immortal, but stepping onto land would cause his immortality to vanish along with his status as captain of the Flying Dutchman and perhaps even turning him back into a mortal being – prompting him to begin life anew without the burden of his past.

Davy was an immortal being who fell deeply in love with Calypso (Tia Dalma). When she entrusted the Dutchman ship to him, she made him an eternal deal – ferrying souls off-world as long as he set foot on land only once every ten years. But when Calypso failed to show, Davy became so distraught he cut out his heart before placing it into Dead Man’s Chest.

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As Davy had access to all of the pirate souls stored within his chest, Davy was charged with transporting them into afterlife. For ten years he carried this out successfully until Calypso failed to show. When she didn’t show, he stopped ferrying souls; soon thereafter he and his crew began turning into sea creatures – this may explain why Captain Will Turner started changing into one in Dead Men Tell No Tales; unlike Davy, his heart wasn’t stabbed but still bound by his curse.

Losing his Authority as Commander of The Flying Dutchman

Davy Jones recruits sailors to his crew by asking if they fear death – this ensures only those truly terrified by death join his ship, helping maintain control and avoid raiding by other pirates.

Davy Jones holds much power and authority as the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, yet should he step onto land, he will lose both immortality and his title as captain; becoming instead just another regular human being rather than fearsome ghostly Captain of the Dutchman.

Davy Jones will become less of an authority figure as commander of the Dutchman, losing both immortality and authority as captain, but also losing his zest for life. No longer the fearsome devil of the seas, he can live an entirely new existence.

Davy Jones is an unkillable supernatural being; however, once on land he will become human and susceptible to death and aging like any other. At that point he can start over with his life free from past obligations.

Taking Revenge on Those Who Harmed Him

Davy Jones is the captain of a mysterious vessel known as the Flying Dutchman, an immortal sea goddess named Calypso who granted him immortality in exchange for transporting sailors who have died at sea to their next lives via her ship – only ever leaving its confines once every 10 years! Davy has only ever set foot on land once every 10 years.

At a time of heightened conflict between pirates, the first Pirate Brethren convened and tricked Calypso into binding her power with humanity. Feeling guilty over his betrayal, Davy helped them take away her power by imprisoning her before extracting his heart from its chest and placing it back inside himself before attacking ships and recruiting sailors at risk of drowning who he offered passage on board the Dutchman in exchange for 100 years service.

Davy Jones recruited pirates who were often murdered aboard their ships or drowned, or simply died of old age. Additionally, he would occasionally stop dead sailors on their journeys towards Locker by attacking them along the way, which caused many to accuse him of being both a sea monster and an evil spirit.

Though he is suffering, he still remains the most powerful pirate in the world, commanding great authority and command over Beckett and all members of his Pirate Brethren court; thus it would come as no surprise if he sought revenge against those who have wronged him.

Beginning an Entirely New Life

Davy Jones may appear to be an evil figure at first glance, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. The captain of the Flying Dutchman has an unfortunate history and represents a darker side of love that cannot be shaken despite all his internalized feelings of goodness being suppressed; evidenced in their encounter on battle day with Tia Dalma as their bittersweet reunion proved this point perfectly.

Davy Jones became infatuated with Calypso, whom entrusted him with the task of leading souls towards their afterlife. Out of love for her he accepted this responsibility voluntarily; only to be disgraced when she returned ten years later – thus cursing himself only once every ten years to set foot on land again.

At this point in his life, Davy is mortal and vulnerable to disease and injury; yet he retains an ability to teleport on ships at sea and pass through solid objects without difficulty. Furthermore, he holds control of Kraken, whom he keeps subservient.

Davy Jones may lose his immortality if he steps on land, becoming mortal once more and losing both his authority as captain of the Flying Dutchman and ability to return to sea life. Instead, his desire will become revengeful against all those who have wronged him and to exact revenge upon those responsible.