Greenville NC: The Cultural, Educational, and Economic Hub of Eastern North Carolina

Greenville NC has emerged as the cultural, educational, and economic epicenter of Eastern North Carolina. Home to East Carolina University and the Greenville Convention Center; as well as hosting world-class events.

The city is serviced by several major highways, such as US 264 and NC 11. NC 11 serves as a bypass road, passing Memorial Drive, Greenville Boulevard, Arlington Boulevard, 10th Street, and Evans Street.

Uptown Greenville

Greenville is an inclusive small city, providing something for everyone to do and experience. There are ample outdoor areas such as parks and waterways, restaurants and bars, shopping opportunities and plenty of family-oriented activities to discover here.

Greenville Museum of Art is an ideal stop for art enthusiasts of any kind. Visit it free-of-charge and experience an impressive display of local creations as well as attending exciting events throughout the year. Magnolia Arts Center also provides classes on painting, drawing, mixed media sculpture and jewelry design which may interest visitors further.

Experienced outdoor enthusiasts will adore the South Tar River Greenway trail. Perfect for runners and walkers, this scenic path provides exercise while taking in breathtaking scenery while relaxing and unwinding at the same time.

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At night, Greenville offers an abundance of bars and nightclubs. Many can be easily reached from Greenville Airport; Sup Dogs was recently named one of Barstool Sports’ 2019 College Bar of the Year winners! Greenville can provide the ideal environment to unwind after an exciting day’s travels or simply to take time for relaxation and renewal.

Downtown Greenville

Greenville’s downtown district is an attractive draw for both visitors and residents, from world-class art museums to unique shopping and dining. Greenville features shops and restaurants to suit different tastes – gourmet popcorn, artisan breads and vegan chocolate can be found among many others. You’ll even find restaurants offering up traditional southern fare!

Central Houston boasts a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere reminiscent of European cities, with wide sidewalks and outdoor plazas designed for strolling along with plenty of restaurants and bars to visit. Furthermore, Houston hosts various festivals all year long that add further appeal.

Greenville County Museum of Art boasts the world’s largest Andrew Wyeth watercolor collection in a striking modernist building and provides visitors with an intriguing glimpse into Greenville’s past. Visitors may also take a stroll down beautiful Main Street for some shopping and scenery-seeking, with free attractions such as McPherson Park hosting mini golf and bronze mouse sculptures scattered about as part of a public art scavenger hunt on Main Street.

Greenville County

Greenville County is a popular tourist destination, and many will appreciate visiting its historic sites. One of the county’s most well-known attractions is Falls Park on the Reedy – frequented by thousands each week due to its stunning waterfalls and suspension bridge curving around them. There are also ample old trees and sprawling gardens in this park.

Greenville County Museum provides visitors with an insight into the region’s past through a number of exhibits including photographs, documents and artifacts from its early pioneer days. Perfect for families and especially recommended as an educational experience; children have their own section dedicated to them!

Greenville is an attractive tourist destination and boasts a vibrant culture. Additionally, there are multiple sports teams such as the Greenville Drive and Swamp Rabbits who compete here; those interested in baseball should visit Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum located nearby his former home.

Greenville had over 88,000 residents by the turn of the 20th century and enjoyed an unusual balance between agriculture and industry that is rarely found elsewhere in the South. Cotton was its main cash crop while tobacco quickly developed into one of its leading exports. Greenville attracted investors like Alester Furman who encouraged public improvements such as paving streets, creating parks, creating libraries and hospitals – as well as making public improvements like pave streets to bring newcomers.

Greenville’s Economy

Greenville has one of the Southeast’s thriving economies, drawing in companies such as East Carolina University and Greenville Convention Center as well as regional employers like GE Energy, BMW and Fluor. Downtown Greenville and Dickinson Avenue district also boast vibrant arts, entertainment and culinary scenes that thrive here.

Greenville’s economy is driven by tourism and manufacturing, both of which play significant roles. Many manufacturing firms incorporate technology into their production process, creating skilled workers for an expanding tech sector in Greenville. Aeronix, Mattel and Synnex are just three leading tech-based businesses located here; moreover the city also hosts two large universities which employ many people directly or indirectly.

The City of Greenville is committed to encouraging and supporting small business development within its community, and has made an effort to leverage its resources in support of small business needs. Alongside offering direct business assistance, Greenville ensures all local businesses are aware of available resources by developing and distributing marketing materials; furthermore, their Business Development Project Manager works on identifying needs for services, reviewing policies and regulations as well as conducting proactive outreach for new ventures.