Home Additions Colorado Springs

Home additions Colorado Springs offer an ideal way to extend the living space for you and your family without moving. From adding a garage for easier accessing of the property to expanding your kitchen to making more room to cook or even creating a sunroom within your existing house – home additions provide endless possibilities!

Hertzog Renovations & Restorations of Colorado Springs specializes in home remodeling, specializing in basement finishes, bathroom remodels and kitchen upgrades as well as small handyman jobs such as painting, staining and drywall repair.

Casco Construction

Casco Construction, a home improvement company serving over 2,000 clients in Colorado Springs area, offers custom remodeling and home design services as well as expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodelling as well as basement finishing. Their contractors boast years of experience when it comes to kitchen and bathroom redesign. Their superior work has earned them an esteemed reputation in industry.

Colorado Springs Construction offers commercial construction services throughout Colorado Springs. Their expert design team works seamlessly with build teams to deliver projects on time and within budget – this approach provides for an easy process and gives stakeholders all of the information needed for decision making.

Since 2006, Casco Construction Corporation is a comprehensive general contracting firm offering full services across an extensive variety of areas – residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental construction projects are all within their expertise. Their professionals take great pride in offering exceptional customer service while building lasting relationships with their customers; making the construction process as enjoyable and stress-free for clients as possible by finding suitable property to build on or helping with utility hookups, house placement and the design process.

Hertzog Renovations & Restorations

Hertzog Renovations & Restorations of Colorado Springs offers home remodeling services for clients throughout Colorado Springs and its surroundings. Specializing in kitchen upgrades, bathroom remodels and basement finishes as well as staining painting and drywall services; their owner Tim Hertzog boasts over three decades of general contracting experience and played a pivotal role rebuilding homes following Hurricane Katrina as a volunteer rebuilder – something which changed him dramatically personally and professionally.

Home renovation company Home Renew was established in 1997 and features a team of skilled professionals to tackle any aspect of remodeling your home. Their experts can assist in selecting materials for bathrooms or kitchen remodels as well as creating a remodeling manual to walk you through the process and help secure necessary permits to complete their projects.

All our projects offer free estimates to suit any budget, with one-year warranties available on all work completed by our highly-experienced staff spanning construction, plumbing, electrical and interior design disciplines.

Tucco Home Improvements

Tucco Home Improvements of Colorado Springs offers homeowners in Colorado an extensive range of remodeling services for their home. Their team assists their clients in remodeling various parts of their house – such as kitchens and bathrooms – in order to create more functional living space, selecting materials for design and choosing designs suited for them. Led by Brian Tucker who has experience remodeling various structures – including cabins and resorts internationally – Tucco’s team works closely with each client until they achieve what they are after; repairs are done as necessary with every task covered; licensed, insured with customer satisfaction guarantees provided as they are highly knowledgeable professionals in their field.

J&J Construction Inc.

This company has been operating since 2006 and boasts an experienced team with more than three decades in construction. They specialize in both residential and commercial construction as well as interior design projects, landscaping and construction services which include patios, decks and outdoor kitchens as well as pergolas and pavers.

Home additions can be an excellent way to expand the space available in your home without incurring the costs and effort associated with moving. They can help create a master suite, add guest bedrooms or create an inviting sunroom; all while meeting family needs and increasing home values simultaneously.

J&J Construction Inc of Colorado Springs offers home remodeling services to their Colorado Springs clients. Their remodeling capabilities span basements, kitchens, bathrooms and garages; sunroom and deck construction as well as help with permitting procedures and choosing materials for your home’s materials – with free consultation available so they can help determine what’s right for your budget.


Homefix Remodeling of Colorado Springs offers residential remodeling, roofing and handyman repair services including kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling, handyman services and roof replacement with five year warranties on its plans. Established by Griff Hanning in 2007, their firm emphasizes humility, dependability and integrity when engaging clients.

The firm offers impressive designs like this modern bathroom featuring Moroccan-patterned tile and clean finishes, in their portfolio. Additionally, their team specializes in basement remodels and refurbishing decks while also offering free consultation and estimates for their work.

Consult a home addition contractor early in your project, to make sure all details are addressed prior to construction beginning and prevent problems later on. Involving a contractor early can also help you choose materials and design suitable for your home addition and obtain permits and approvals needed for its completion.