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Home Depot Health Check | Employee and Associates Questionnaire

Home Depot Health Check is a tool that assesses the health of their employees and associates using important metrics.

Home Depot

Before we talk about the Home Depot Health Check, let brief describe Home Depot.

Home Depot Inc. is an American retailer that sells building materials and home improvement products.

Home Depot’s store formats vary, from small-sized standalone smaller stores in urban areas to combination warehouse stores (featuring full-size garden centers) in suburban areas.

Home Depot Daily Health Check

The Home Depot has launched an Associate Health Check program, (Home Depot Health Check) as a preventative measure to help ensure the well-being of their associates and customers.

This program will screen for common COVID-19 symptoms before every shift.

The Home Depot Associate Health Check Program is intended to encourage employees to perform a health check each day, including a temperature check, prior to reporting for work.

To assist in performing this health check, The Home Depot will provide thermometers to associates who need one.

Each store will also have thermometer stations installed at entrances to enable associates to easily perform a temperature check as they report for work using their own digital device.

The Home Depot strongly encourages you not to come into work if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Fever
  • Coughing or difficulty breathing
  • Exposure within the last 14 days with someone known or suspected of having COVID-19 disease (e.g., household member, partner, coworker)

Home Depot Health Assessment

Home Depot Health Assessment is a questionnaire to measure the health of employees and associates.

The purpose of this test is to check those employees who are at risk for certain diseases. It also helps employees in planning their health management strategies to live a healthy life.

The Home Depot Health Assessment must be completed by every employee and associate before the end of their first year of employment with Home Depot.

This assessment must be retaken on an annual basis by all employees and associates.

Employee Home Depot Health Check

Health checks aren’t just for the employees, but also for their associates on a day-to-day basis.

The health check app from home depot gives you daily health check reminders, as well as guidance to help you make better choices in your life.

If you’re an associate, we recommend using the home depot health assessment app because it’s easier to read and understand than the regular home depot employee health check.

An employee health check is important, but it’s not always easy to remember when and where it takes place each day.

The home depot daily health check app helps with this by creating a daily checklist based on your answers in the assessment tool so that you can track how well you’re doing at staying healthy throughout your work week.

Associate Home Depot Health Check

Associate health check

As an associate of The Home Depot, you have access to their Associate Health Check. This service allows you to get a notification each morning if you should go to work or stay home.

If a stay at home notice is issued, do not come in to work and please check with your manager for additional instructions.

They offer this as a way for associates who are sick but want to stay on schedule with their paychecks and for those who may be worried about getting sick when they come in to work.

Similarly, it offers managers a way to make sure the store stays safe during these times by only bringing in healthy workers

Home Depot Health Check

Home Depot Health Assessment

  • Open a web browser and go to SSO Employee Sing On
  • Enter your 6-digit employee number (located on your associate badge) and password.

health check login

  • Click Sign in. The first question in the health check is displayed at the top of the page and a dropdown menu with possible answers appears below it.
  • Review each question and all possible answers carefully, then select the answer that best describes how you were feeling before you came to work today. For example, if you don’t have any shortness of breath, choose “No” for “Do you have any shortness of breath?” but if you do have shortness of breath, choose “Yes.” Select either Checked or Not Checked for each box presented above the questions. After selecting an answer and indicating whether or not you checked each item listed above the questions, click Next to proceed to the next question in the assessment until all questions are answered and all items are indicated as checked or not checked. When you’ve reached this point, click Submit Assessment to complete your health assessment.

Note: While completing your health assessment it is important to remember that this information is used by Home Depot leaders when making decisions during this time concerning social distancing practices in stores.