Artificer Infusions

How Does Artificer Infusions Work? A Magical Item | Permanent or Temporary Infusion?

In addition to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, artificer infusions can be helpful in a variety of ways. These can include Helm of awareness infusions, Spellwrought tattoos, and Unbreakable arrows.

If you’re a new or veteran artificer, learn about these magical items. After you’ve tried them, you can make the most of your new abilities!

You can also learn the benefits of the Mask of the Wild.

artificer infusions

Helm of awareness infusion

The Helm of Awareness infusion for artificer allows the wearer to gain greater walking speed. It also grants features of the 5th level, 9th level, and 15th level. It requires an hour of uninterrupted work before the infusion vanishes.

The infusion is a powerful enhancement, and it can increase your walking speed to as much as 15 feet. Gauntlets and gloves infuse 1d8 force damage upon a hit, and they return to the wearer when dropped.

Artificer infusions can be used to transform nonmagical items into magic items. Each infusion works on specific types of objects. The description of each infusion will specify what those types are.

This means that you can create multiple bags of holding and turn them into single-use bombs. WotC may not have intended this to be possible, but it is possible. Artificers should be cautious with their infusions, though.

The Helm of Awareness infusion for artificer grants the artificer two new class features. Objects that contain artificer infusions shed a five-foot radius of bright light. Additionally, they emit a dim light that can be seen for an additional five feet.

Additionally, artificer objects emit recorded messages when tapped, allowing them to be heard from up to 10 feet away. Messages can last for six seconds or less.

The Helm of Awareness TCoE grants the artificer with a bonus to initiative. It’s difficult to find the same kind of benefit elsewhere in the game, so this is an excellent addition to the Armorer class.

In addition to being an excellent choice for dual-wielding class, the Helm of Awareness Infusion is not intended to replace the benefits of Arcane Armor. If you’re a melee artist who uses weapons a lot, the Advanced Weapon is a better option.

Spellwrought tattoos

Artificer infusions and spellwrought tattoos are both common magic items. These infusions can carry any spell. These tattoos are interchangeable with spell scrolls.

Spellwrought tattoos are also useful for casting non-concentration spells, such as the gift of alacrity, which can be used on oneself for free. These tattoos also give the user the ability to sleep at low levels.


Unbreakable arrows

The Unbreakable Arrow is a legendary item that cannot be broken outside the antimagic field. This item can be used as a lever, doorstop, or piercing needle for giants.

It can also be used in spells and other spells that require high speed, such as casting a cursed arrow. It is difficult to create an unbreakable arrow using the standard wishes of an artificer.

The benefits of this feat are many, and include practical benefits. For starters, it costs less than buying the arrows themselves, and it takes up less space on a crossbow or gun. Also, it is easier to use common magic items.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t require the character to use a special bow to reload the arrows. Regardless of what type of weapon or armor you use, this feat can help you make the most of your spells.

Besides the Unbreakable Arrow, the Artificer class has many other powerful skills. By infusing items with these abilities, the Artificer can use them to accomplish a variety of tasks.

With their high intelligence, they can create and use tools quickly. They also have a +5 save bonus when using tools. They also have a +5 intelligence bonus on their command.

As you level up, you can learn different types of infusions. As an example, you can learn how to create multiple copies of the same magic item. One of the advantages of learning this ability is that you can use it multiple times.

The other advantage is that you can learn this skill multiple times. If you learn it multiple times, you can create multiple bags of holding and turn them into single-use bombs. However, this may not be WotC’s intended intention.

magic items, Artificer Infusions

Spellwrought ammunition

Artificer infusions give the artificer incredible versatility. The full list of infusions is below. Artificers also have several tool proficiencies.

They can quickly fabricate a wide variety of tools. They also have max intelligence, which helps them to use all tools effectively. The following feats can be taken to make your artificer more effective:

Animate ObjectsPHB is not a great choice for the 3rd level spell slot. While it’s an effective trap spell, the material component is expensive and it can’t be moved. Alternatively, you could take Haste.

This buff is great when you’re in melee range. Lastly, the artificer spell Intellect Fortress is a useful spell against spellcasters.