How Much Is Golden Corral For Adults? (Very Economical)

How much is Golden Corral for adults? Golden Corral offers an assortment of delicious low-cal dishes to help dieters slim down. Salads are especially suitable as each serving only contains thirty-five calories! Additionally, they offer zero-sugar sodas.

Seniors can take advantage of a lunch buffet discount Monday-Friday during lunch hours; kids aged nine-12 can purchase lunch for $6.99 on weekdays which also includes beverages.


Golden Corral is an award-winning buffet and grill that serves home-style meals at reasonable prices. The restaurant often ranks as the number one buffet and grill in America and features classic dishes like sirloin steaks and famous baked beans as part of their classic menu selections. They also provide seasonal promotions and an endless buffet filled with salad bar items, Brass Bell Bakery goods, desserts, etc.

Golden Corral buffets provide an exciting opportunity to discover new cuisine, while providing numerous nutritious choices. Their salad bar provides fresh vegetables and fruits, while their hot food section features dishes such as mashed potatoes with gravy, pot roast and crispy fried chicken. There’s even a carving station with succulent meats! Plus they have an awesome bakery area for fresh cakes, cookies and pies – plus so much more!

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This restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with their menu regularly updated to match seasonal changes. They also provide special discounts to senior citizens while their buffet is very affordable for families. Their location and atmosphere make this an excellent place for family get-togethers.

Golden Corral stands out among restaurants by welcoming children of all ages into its locations, and even offers a buffet for kids at a reduced cost than adults – for example, children aged nine-13 can experience their weekend buffet for only $7.99 per child!

Individual Dishes

Golden Corral offers affordable meals with plenty of value, with many items under 100 calories making them great options for dieters. Their green bean casserole has 80 cals while tomato stew and okra provide under 100. There are also other healthy options on their menu as well as plenty of delectable desserts to select from!

Signing up for the Gold Club rewards program can save even more money; members receive coupons for free meals as well as birthday treats and discounted gift cards. In addition, this restaurant also provides catering platters that can be picked up or delivered for a fee.

At Golden Corral, an all-you-can-eat meal typically ranges between $10 and $18 for adults depending on time of day, location and any promotional offers at the restaurant. Children 3 years old or under eat for free.

Golden Corral offers an assortment of salads and side dishes, such as cornbread, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad and mashed potatoes. In some locations they also provide grilled meats and seafood such as chicken and steak for grilling. Famously known for its fried chicken options such as sweet Bourbon BBQ (featuring notes of Bourbon in its tomato and vinegar sauce) or Garlic Parmesan which combines pungent garlic flavor with the salty bite of parmesan.


Golden Corral’s buffet offers an affordable way to fill up with satisfying food at an affordable price, featuring an expansive variety of dishes as well as a full salad bar and dessert section with sugar-free and diabetic options. Furthermore, this restaurant provides diet-friendly meals suitable for ketogenic, Mediterranean or low-carb lifestyles.

This restaurant is well-renowned for serving delicious, high-quality food at affordable prices and in a family-friendly environment. Their extensive menu combines meat, vegetables and bread products. Plus they have tasty desserts like cookies cakes and soft serve ice cream – not forgetting all their tasty cookies cakes soft serve ice cream soft serve ice cream soft serve soft serve soft serve soft serve soft serve soft serve soft serve soft serve! Additionally they boast reasonable pricing plans while maintaining family friendly environments!

At this restaurant, guests can choose from both standard buffet fare as well as items chosen especially for them, including bourbon street chicken, pepperoni pizza and pot roast. Plus they can even enjoy lunchtime buffet pricing!

Golden Corral offers more than its standard menu; in addition, there are also desserts such as pies and cakes available to purchase for an additional cost. They also provide gift cards which can be bought both online or at their restaurant location as a thoughtful way of showing appreciation to friends and family members.


Golden Corral is one of America’s favorite buffet-style restaurants. Their food is delicious and their prices are low – making it an excellent option for families with low budgets. In addition, you’ll find special diet dishes available and discounts and deals offered for senior citizens, military veterans and children at this eatery.

Golden Corral’s lunch menu is extremely economical, offering a wide range of dishes for less than $10 each Monday through Friday from Monday noon until 3 PM; these include soups, salads and entrees. In addition, its buffet runs from 4PM-10PM daily Monday through Thursday (and again on Friday and Saturday night) between 4PM and 10PM for dinner service.

Kids three and under eat free at Golden Corral while adults pay $7.99 on weekends and $6.99 during the week. There is a wide range of dishes, such as shrimp and steak nights; plus their buffet menu changes regularly!

Golden Corral offers something delicious for every palate – from classic chicken fingers and fries, to fresh salads and healthy options like grilled meats and vegetables. And for those looking to reduce calories without compromising taste buds – bite into one of their tasty breaded flounder or shrimp fajitas at only 120 Calories each! Indulge in dessert options like cookies or carrot cake too – there’s sure to be something on offer at this restaurant.