How to Clean Headlight Covers Using 4 Perfect Ways to Get Bright Glowing Lighting

If you’ve been wondering how to clean headlight covers on your car, you’ve come to the right place. Before you begin the process, however, you should know what to use to clean your car’s headlight covers.

  • Vinegar,
  • baking soda, and
  • wet sanding

These are just a few options.

You can also learn how to use the taillight tint spray here.

how to clean headlight covers

In addition, you can use WD-40 to remove stubborn stains. Whatever you choose, make sure to use a high-quality product.

How to Clean Headlight Covers

Baking soda

There are a few ways to clean the headlight covers of your car, but nothing beats the traditional approach of baking soda. It is a natural cleaning agent that is great for many things, including deodorizing carpets and cleaning drains.

Mixing baking soda with water or vinegar makes a foam that cleans headlight covers. Once the paste is thick enough, apply it to the headlight covers with a clean cloth in circular motions. Allow it to dry for five minutes before wiping off.

To use baking soda, mix one teaspoon of the powder with a cup of water. Then, apply it to the headlights. Make sure to rinse off the baking soda completely.

The mixture will leave a white haze, but you can remove this haze by rinsing it off. Be sure to rinse off any excess baking soda to avoid leaving a residue.

Another easy way to clean headlight covers is by using WD40 or toothpaste. Both of these products will help prevent damage to the polycarbonate, which is a protective coating on headlights.

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In addition to preventing damage, these products will also make headlights shine brighter.


You can restore the shine of your car headlight covers by using vinegar. Polycarbonate headlight lenses are prone to cloudiness, and vinegar can remove this and restore their brightness.

Alternatively, you can buy a headlight restoration kit from 3M, which costs about $34. The kit includes a soft sanding disk and instructions for restoring your headlight covers.

To start, you will need to clean your headlights. A mild cleanser can remove dirt, dead bugs, and other gunk from headlight lenses. A headlight restoration kit will include a cleaning solution.

Another method is to clean the lens using baking soda. Mix it with enough water to create a paste and apply it to the lens. Then, allow it to dry.

You can also apply toothpaste to your headlight covers to remove any lingering fog. Since toothpaste is mildly abrasive, it won’t damage your headlights. Once the headlights have been cleaned, you can apply the vinegar mixture on a soft cloth.

Afterward, rinse off the headlights with water.

headlight covers

Wet sanding

Wet sanding headlight covers can improve the look of your vehicle. This process will remove imperfections and even out trouble areas.

After you have completed this process, the headlights will have a uniform finish. A sander with a coarser grain will leave a more even finish than a softer one.

The first step is to remove the headlamp cover. If you have removed the lens, use masking tape to prevent the sandpaper from scratching the plastic at the back of the headlamp assembly.

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Next, wet the lens with water. Use a light touch to lightly sand the lens. Wet sanding is best performed using 400 grit sandpaper.

A dual action polisher can also be used to sand headlight covers. Use a low speed setting and be sure to lubricate the sandpaper while you work. Once the sanding is complete, you can apply clear coat or plastic sealant.

how to clean headlight covers


The first step in cleaning headlight covers with WD-40 is to wipe them down with a clean cloth. You can use a cloth that has been dampened with a bucket of water. Wipe the entire surface of the headlight with the cloth.

WD-40 can burn out headlight bulbs, so you should use it sparingly.

You can also use WD-40 to defog your headlights. This will make them appear clear and bright for a day or two. WD-40 is a popular car care product and is widely available. It is not a substitute for proper maintenance, but it can work wonders in cleaning headlight covers.

If you are unsure of what to use, you can use toothpaste to polish headlights. It contains abrasive particles. You should try using one with whitening particles, as this will work better.