How to Replace a Blown Tail Light Bulb: 4 Effective Tips

To replace a blown tail light bulb, you can visit AutoZone, which sells a wide range of automotive parts. You can pick up the bulbs in store, or have them shipped to your home.

In addition to bulbs, AutoZone stocks taillight assemblies, lenses, covers, and more. When you have blown the tail light bulb, it is important to check the rest of the lights.

You can also learn about the tail light wiring color code here.

Tail Light Bulb

Here are some tips to remember:

Replace a blown tail light bulb

If you want to know how to replace a blown tail light bulb, you should begin by locating the fuse and the wire harness. They are located in the tail lamp assembly.

Once you locate the two, you’ll need to remove the tail light assembly from your car. You’ll also need to remove the plastic clips holding the tail light bulb assembly to the car. Remove the bulb by pulling it upward and outward.

Using a mirror will help you ensure that you’re replacing the right bulb. Be sure to use the correct base, and make sure to get one with two base contacts instead of one.

You should also make sure that the bulb is the correct size for your car, and it’s the correct type and voltage. Be sure to remove the plastic fabric liner and any carpeting that’s in the way. When you’re finished, carefully turn the bulb to test it.

Check all of your vehicle’s lights

If you notice that your tail light is out of service, the first thing to check is the bulb. Most tail lights use dual filament bulbs with three wires. The filaments of these bulbs should be grounded.

If the filaments are burned, either the running or brake light may not work. To test whether a burned filament is the cause, swap the tail light bulb with a known good one.

In addition to your tail light, your car’s turn signal may also be out. The bulb in this area shares a filament with the brake light. If it’s out, you can’t turn on your turn signal. You may have to manually switch on the turn signal bulb.

Alternatively, you can also switch off the turn signal bulb. If your turn signal bulb is out, you may need to replace it.

Tail Light Bulb

Check for rust on the circuit board

To check for rust on the circuit board of the rear tail light bulb, remove the bulb and inspect the socket. If the socket is corroded, you can use an electrical contact cleaner to scrub the board.

You should also use WD-40 to prevent moisture and rust from forming. If you find rust, you can spray the board with the WD-40 to prevent further corrosion.

If you find rust on the board, you should clean it using a wire brush or micro file. You can also clean the socket with electrical solvent. If the bulb still doesn’t work, you should contact a professional technician to diagnose the problem.

Changing the light bulb can be a relatively inexpensive fix. Just make sure to test the bulb properly. Make sure you don’t miss any other light bulbs, and replace the old one with a new one.

Check for a loose connection to the circuit board

If your tail lights are not working, you may need to fix the circuit board of the rear taillight bulb. The connection to the circuit board can be loose, or the wiring may be faulty.

To check for loose connections, turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the tail light wiring. Pull the tail light switch out of the dash to check it.

Modern cars typically have an ambient light sensor built into the dash, which automatically turns on and off the taillights and headlights. Newer vehicles also have daytime running lights.

If the light bulb is working fine, but the connection to the circuit board is loose, then it is likely that the taillight board has a loose connection. In this case, bending the connector pins may help.

If you can’t find any loose connections, the connector may be corroded. If you have a loose connection, you can use a jewelers screwdriver to gently bend the pins back inward.