Is Pinky From ‘Holmes on Homes’ Related to Mike Holmes?

Fans of the HGTV show “Holmes on Homes” may have pondered whether Pinky, a prominent figure on the show, shares a familial connection with Mike Holmes, the renowned host.

However, Pinky is not related to Mike Holmes, who has a son and two daughters, all of whom contribute to his endeavors in various capacities. Pinky’s departure from “Holmes on Homes” remains somewhat mysterious, with speculation suggesting stress and separation from her family as potential reasons. Presently, she is engaged with another HGTV project, “Decked Out,” hosting a show under the same title.


“Holmes on Homes,” an HGTV reality show, debuted in Canada in 2003, quickly captivating audiences with its unique premise. Initially, the show operated on a modest budget but swiftly gained traction, prompting Mike Holmes to address widespread issues in the home-remodeling industry. Subsequently, the series garnered international acclaim and multiple awards, with Holmes emerging as a prominent figure in the field.


In a new reality show titled “Pinky Holmes Contractors on Homes,” Pinky and her crew are making waves in the construction industry. Unlike typical reality TV setups, Pinky’s crew comprises solely family members, bringing their shared experiences and challenges to the forefront. However, recent departures from the show, including Pinky’s exit, have prompted the search for new crew members. In one memorable episode, titled “Lien on Me,” the crew navigates a complex lawsuit involving an abandoned property, showcasing their expertise in uncovering and rectifying construction errors.


The episodes featuring Pinky and the team highlight their collaborative efforts to rectify poorly constructed homes. Mike Holmes, along with his three children, including Pinky, contributes to the show’s success in various capacities. While initially airing on HGTV Canada, the series gained widespread popularity and expanded to a larger audience through HGTV in the U.S.

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Pinky has been actively involved in her father’s shows since 2009, initially starting as a production assistant before transitioning to roles in the art department and construction crew. Her multifaceted involvement showcases her versatility and expertise in the construction industry.

Net-Zero Homes

Following a dispute with a magazine publisher, Pinky shifted her focus to advocating for net-zero homes, emphasizing energy efficiency and sustainability. These homes aim to produce all the energy they consume, presenting a viable solution for reducing environmental impact and lowering energy bills.

Corin Ames

Known as “Pinky,” Ames is a trailblazer on the show, serving as the first female laborer since Season V. A graduate of the Women in Skilled Trades program, she continues to make significant contributions to the construction industry, showcasing her dedication and expertise on-screen. Despite her departure from “Holmes on Homes,” Pinky’s impact and legacy endure, inspiring future generations in the field of artistry.