Is Porter Airlines Safe and Reliable?

Porter Airlines stands out for their exceptional customer service and facilities, operating flights between Canada and the US from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Their routes offer competitive rates.

Their fleet is relatively young, and they follow a stringent maintenance program which has enabled them to keep a solid safety record.

Safety Record

Porter Airlines has been operating from Toronto’s Billy Bishop City Airport since 2006. Their comfortable aircraft, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service has won them an enduring fan base, while they take great pride in being committed to social and environmental responsibility.

Porter Airlines boasts one of the best safety records in the industry. Although they experience minor incidents such as severe turbulence, they always respond swiftly and resume flights quickly as evidenced by their rigorous maintenance protocols and dedicated crew training programs.

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Company recently earned four stars of safety rating thanks to their reliable performance and comfortable cabins, boasting an on-time arrival rate and cancellation rate that are superior compared to other airlines. Their fleet includes Bombardier Q400 aircraft which are known for their efficiency, quiet operation, spacious seating arrangements and ample legroom.

Porter Airlines plans to expand their routes at Island Airport by adding jets to their Q400 fleet, however this move could cause tension with Air Canada who have a greater presence at this airport. Furthermore, Porter relies heavily on Dash 8-400 aircraft which could become vulnerable in comparison with new technologies like Bombardier C-Series now known as A220 aircraft.

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Customer Service

Porter Airlines is widely respected for their outstanding customer service and commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Their affordable pricing structure and comfortable aircraft make travel pleasant while their impressive safety record gives passengers confidence during every flight experience.

Porter Airlines operates out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in Toronto, Canada and services 13 Canadian destinations and eight United States ones via their fleet of Bombardier Q400 aircraft known for their efficiency and comfort.

Porter Airlines operates with an average fleet age of approximately 10 years, making them relatively young for regional carriers. They follow a stringent maintenance program to ensure safety and dependability of their aircraft as well as maintain a low cancellation rate compared to competitors.

Porter Airlines provides complimentary snacks and beverages on every flight, including beer and wine, with power outlets at every seat for added comfort. In-flight magazines called Re:porter provide destination inspiration as well as other entertaining articles; their dedicated customer service department is on call via phone, email or live chat – providing passengers a seamless travel experience! Furthermore, Porter also provides an online check-in service which saves passengers time by bypassing lines during check-in.


Porter Airlines is a regional carrier with an exceptional safety record and commitment to environmental and social responsibility, offering competitive pricing and comfortable aircraft. They strive to create an unforgettable customer experience from start to finish.

Air Canada boasts several unique in-flight features that set them apart from other Canadian airlines, such as multiple seating options, complimentary snacks and beverages, power outlets at every seat, friendly flight attendants with ample knowledge, ticket rules that don’t require a master’s degree to understand, power outlets in every seat and more.

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Porter Airlines now offers its Porter-Classic fare for those who prefer traditional economy travel, with beer and wine served in glassware, premium snacks, 30 inches of seat pitch on all Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 planes and 30 inches of seat pitch for all flights. Travelers may upgrade to Porter-Reserve which features fully flat beds and in-flight meal services for added comfort.

Porter Airlines is dedicated to supporting local communities while simultaneously minimizing its environmental footprint through fuel-efficient aircraft and investments in sustainable aviation fuels. Furthermore, they support community initiatives through charitable donations, sponsorships and employee volunteerism – as well as outstanding on-time performance and safety standards. Furthermore, one of their facilities has preclearance facilities at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport making them an accessible option for US fliers.


Porter Airlines is a regional Canadian airline founded in 2006 that offers sustainable aircraft with competitive pricing and superior customer service. They pride themselves on environmental and social responsibility while providing first-class passenger experiences on board their comfortable Bombardier jets, boasting generous legroom for each seat occupant and free beer and wine served in real glassware – providing passengers with an outstanding first-class experience onboard their flights.

Porter Airlines prides themselves on their impressive safety record and are constantly working to enhance both fleet operations and flight crew training. Maintenance procedures are thorough while their flight crews receive extensive instruction – evidenced by their outstanding on-time arrival rate of 80% as well as low cancellation rates that demonstrate their dedication to passenger safety.

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Porter airlines pricing depends on your ticket type and time of purchase. Basic fare tickets allow one piece of carry-on luggage; standard, flexible and freedom fares permit two pieces each way; any liquids must be sealed in clear resealable bags with maximum volumes of 100ml each for carry-on bags containing liquids or gels that qualify as duty free products; these restrictions do not apply for carry-on bags that contain duty free goods.

Frequent travelers can take advantage of benefits like early check-in and priority boarding. In addition, you can select your seat before arriving at the airport.