NYSC, National Youth Service Corps

NYSC In Brief | 1 Comprehensive Guide

The NYSC – National Youth Service Corps is a mandatory 1 year service scheme.

On NYSC – Every University and Polytechnic graduate Youth in Nigeria is mandated to undergo this National Youth Service Corps program. In any case, graduates who are beyond thirty years old at the point of graduation are excluded from this National Youth Service Corps program by law of the scheme. They are anyway given a Exemption Certificate, which is additionally accepted by the country.

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At the completion of the NYSC exercise and service year, each Corps member is awarded the National Youth Service Corps discharged Certificate while the exemption NYSC certificate is given to those whose age at the time of graduation is over 30 years. On the 22/05/1973, Gowon Yakubu marked the creation of the National Youth Service Corps.

Nigeria is actually managing the overwhelming impacts of the Civil War, which lead to the setup of specific modalities for the rebranding of the country and however, the National Youth Service Corps is among the structures. To keep a more grounded country, the need emerged to unite under a strong organization the different groups of people in Nigeria. The young people are the significant power of the economy enhancement and advancement, subsequently, the making of the National Youth Service Corps.

The NYSC Orientation Exercise comprises of:

  • Mobilization & Orientation,
  • PPA Assigning – Primary Place of Assignment,
  • CDS – Community Development Service, and
  • POP – Winding-up exercise & Passing out Ceremony.

The 3 weeks orientation program happens during the initial three weeks of the NYSC program. Toward the finish of this three weeks exercise, the individual Corps members are let out of their different camps of orientation to continue to their PPA – namely: Primary Place of Assignment.

The NYSC Zonal official and Corps members Liaison official responsible for that LGA, are to formally enroll themselves.