Project Management Side Hustle

An additional side hustle can be an excellent way for project managers to add extra income and expand their skill set. There are various methods for beginning such ventures, including freelance work or consulting projects.

An alternative strategy would be to become a professional mentor or coach, which allows you to share your expertise with aspiring project management professionals.


Project managers possess invaluable strategic planning and risk management abilities that companies or individuals are willing to pay them for. Contract work allows project managers to utilize these skill sets on a contract basis while offering additional income opportunities.

As well as offering advice and assistance to other businesses or individuals on project execution processes, freelance project managers also provide advice and assistance with project execution processes for other businesses or individuals. This may involve conducting assessments, suggesting process improvements and creating customized project management frameworks. To find clients, freelance project managers should focus on networking within their industry as well as online platforms in order to establish relationships and form strong networks which will give them credibility as experts in their field.

Virtual consulting services can also be a good source of income as part of a project management side hustle, providing flexible hours and making your own schedule. To start this endeavor off right, project managers should network with other professionals within their field while building up strong online thought leadership presence through networking activities and thought leadership initiatives.

Project managers with an affinity for writing can leverage their writing talent by starting their own blog or podcast and sharing their insights and experiences with an international audience. Furthermore, they could create training materials like eBooks and courses to assist other professionals and individuals develop their project management abilities.


Project managers with expertise in specific project management methodologies or software may consider offering consulting services as a side hustle. They could do this through freelance platforms, creating their own website and networking with clients within their industry or even teach others how to use these methodologies or software as teaching opportunities.

Another fantastic project management side hustle involves graphic design. Many companies and individuals require graphic designers to create logos, social media posts, and other marketing materials – this makes an ideal side gig for project managers as it lets them use their creative abilities while earning money part-time.

Other potential project management side hustles could include organizing and coaching. The former involves helping busy consumers and households become more organized – which can save both time and money as well as reduce stress levels – while coaching involves teaching others how to use specific project management methodologies or software through courses available online through platforms like Udemy or Teachable.

To successfully launch a project management side hustle, networking and building relationships within your professional network are paramount to its success. Furthermore, you should create a business plan and identify target markets, while choosing an attractive niche within which to specialize and work toward becoming an authority in that particular field.

Coaching or Training

Project managers looking for extra income should consider starting a side hustle as an excellent way to hone their skills while making extra cash. There are various opportunities available, from freelancing, consulting and coaching/training/writing. Finding your niche and positioning yourself as an expert in that particular field are keys to creating a profitable side hustle venture.

As an Agile or Scrum methodology expert, offering consulting services could be lucrative side hustle. Furthermore, having expert knowledge of a particular project management software could allow you to offer tutorials or online courses to other project managers – potentially making this side hustle profitable if marketed effectively and offering compelling value proposition.

Starting a project management blog or podcast can also be an excellent way to showcase your expertise to a global audience and bring in potential new clients. Furthermore, blogging and podcasting can often be done remotely so as not to interfere with full-time employment responsibilities.

Launching a project management side hustle can be an excellent way to supplement your income and expand career options. But it is essential that you set realistic expectations about how much income your side hustle can bring in each month, in order for it to be worthwhile and generate significant results. In order for it to become truly lucrative, aim for at least 75%+ of what your full-time salary brings in each month as profit from this venture.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants (VAs) can handle various tasks for business owners and individuals alike, typically working based on projects rather than hourly rates, making VAs significantly more profitable than traditional freelancers. Social media platforms offer specific VA groups where employers post gigs; one such such group was I Need a VA where postings appeared regularly for Canva experts as well as bilingual English/Spanish speakers.

Project manager side gigs such as virtual assistant work can be an excellent way to increase income while continuing full time employment. However, it’s essential that you consider how consistent your availability will be; certain clients may expect you to be available every day of the week while others require more flexible arrangements.

Virtual assistants (VAs) can save time by handling billing and invoicing for you. This service can be particularly beneficial for small businesses that struggle to stay organized with invoice due dates. According to recent studies, business owners can spend up to 20 days each year chasing late payments; outsourcing this responsibility can free up valuable time while guaranteeing all invoices are paid on time, saving late payment fees along the way. VAs may also help with creating payment reminders as well as providing other administrative services.