Santa Fe Puerto Plata

Santa Fe Puerto Plata remains one of the Atlantic’s crowning jewels, drawing visitors with its natural splendor from all corners. Its lush forests, mountain ranges, rivers and beaches captivate tourists from around the globe.

Laguna and Alicia beaches draw surfers and families, while San Felipe Fortress will get any pirate’s heart racing faster.


Discover the beauty of an unforgettable Caribbean experience, with stunning ocean views and lush tropical gardens. Santa Fe is more than a place to stay; it’s a way of life! Santa Fe boasts several restaurants and bars – such as Castle Bar – for you to experience an exceptional gastronomic adventure that will satisfy your cravings.

Christopher Columbus quickly realized this Atlantic coastline was special when he saw it from his ship in 1492, dubbing it “La Novia del Atlantico,” or “the Atlantic’s Darling”. To this day, Puerto Plata still stands out – its natural bounty of sea, mountains, inland rivers and lush valleys offers beach towns for water sports activities and hotels to meet every budget. Plus its fertile soil yields cocoa and coffee as well as some of the clearest amber fossils ever discovered!

Puerto Plata’s historic center, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases glimpses into its vibrant past through Victorian-style houses and one of the first colonial-era forts, Fortaleza San Felipe. Additionally, Museo del Amber boasts the oldest amber museum in the region. Additionally, each year during carnival festivities there are parades with disguised participants representing local culture as part of this festival celebration.

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The hotel rooms are designed for maximum comfort and coziness, providing guests with an ideal place to rest after an exciting day of sightseeing. In addition, modern facilities such as flat-screen TV and air conditioning can be found at this property; additionally, guests staying here can take advantage of an on-site bar which is open between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to sample some tasty drinks!

Santa Fe Resort and Spa’s restaurant is well-regarded for its vegetarian and vegan offerings, and guests can admire breathtaking ocean views from their tables. There is also a huge patio area equipped with lounge chairs and palapas perfect for sunbathing or watching beach sunsets from. Plus there’s a pool that is great for swimming laps!

The Santa Fe is situated within Sosua Ocean Village residential community and provides guests with a luxurious Caribbean experience. Room options vary from spacious apartments and studios, to charming villas featuring free Wi-Fi access, private parking spaces and balconies – providing ample opportunity for restful restful sleeps!


Puerto Plata boasts an abundance of restaurants and bars offering all sorts of cuisine, such as Mexican and Asian fare, plus Caribbean beverages. Experience an unforgettable dining experience at Santa Maria Restaurant located inside an enormous ship that represents Christopher Columbus’ voyages – offering exquisite Mexican and Asian dishes in its elegant atmosphere with bar service, kid’s playroom facilities and recreation area featuring jacuzzi tub and infinity pool with views out across Atlantic Ocean at bow ship location.

Puerto Plata is famous for its picturesque beaches. These white powdery beaches boast azure blue waters and powdery white sand, perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling and beach sunset viewing. There are also several all-inclusive resort hotels located within Puerto Plata city limits and served by Gregorio Luperon International Airport which is 15 kilometers (9.3 miles).

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The city boasts an extensive collection of colonial vestiges, such as one of the Caribbean’s largest 19th-century Victorian-style houses and some of the oldest amber fossils on display at Amber Museum; several historic fortresses can also be found there; plus, it hosts its first aerial tramway system and serves as a major tourist destination.


Hotel’s bar offers a selection of drinks by the pool with beautiful views of Maimon Beach – making this the ideal spot to unwind and unwind with family and friends while taking advantage of Puerto Plata’s tropical weather and ocean breeze.

Puerto Plata, also known as La Novia del Atlantico (The Atlantic’s Darling), is an oceanic treasure. Mountains rise up from its coast to loom over beaches crafted of beige sand with clear blue waters, offering up plenty of cultural experiences: hike family-owned cacao and coffee plantations; learn to play merengue dance from local musicians; immerse yourself in Dominican pelota at Bartolo Colon Stadium and Museum; take an aerial cable car ride over to Isla del Atlantico; don’t miss this island gem of an oceanic treasure!

Puerto Plata’s history as the site of numerous naval battles during the Quasi War of 1898-1804 can be seen through its diverse architectural styles, which blend Victorian buildings with other forms to give this vibrant city its distinct character.

Santa Fe All-Inclusive Resort Hotel is conveniently situated between Zicatela and Principal beach towns, approximately 12 minutes drive from Gregorio Luperon International Airport. Designed in Spanish colonial-inspired architecture, its grounds resemble an estate, boasting front row beach access and must-see sunsets. Furthermore, its restaurants feature an extensive menu of seafood as well as gourmet international fare; all meals, snacks and beverages are part of its all-inclusive package.