sloppy stage 2 camshaft

Who Makes The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft? New Sloppy Mechanics Tech

The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft is a high-quality, direct replacement for the stock camshaft in your engine. Who makes this camshaft and the unique features? Read on.

It comes with all of the necessary parts to install it into your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible. The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft will give your vehicle more power and torque than the stock version, which can be used for higher speeds and better acceleration.

This camshaft is compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions, so anyone can install it without any special tools or skills required. If you’re looking to improve your vehicle’s performance while saving time and money, then make sure you buy this camshaft today!

Who makes the Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft?

The Sloppy Mechanics is a company that specializes in modifying pre-existing products. They do not manufacture camshafts, they modify them.

sloppy stage 2 camshaft

They take existing camshafts from other manufacturers and modify them to fit specific needs (i.e., for your vehicle or the type of racing you’re doing).

What did The Sloppy Mechanics do to modify this camshaft?

Without getting too technical, The Sloppy Mechanics did a few things to modify this camshaft. First, they modified the intake lobe and exhaust lobe to provide more lift and duration.

Then, they increased the lift and duration on both lobes. Finally, they reshaped the lobes so that more air would enter each cylinder when it was in motion (i.e., when you’re driving).

What size injectors are required to run this cam?

You can use the stock injectors with the sloppy Stage 2 camshaft. If you want to run larger injectors, you will need one of the following parts:

  • A3500 pump (single or twin)
  • Dual feed fuel rail kit
  • Single feed fuel rail kit

Can I run this cam with a stock ECU?

No, you will need to run a standalone ECU. The stock ECU cannot handle the lift and duration of this camshaft. It also cannot control the camshaft and injectors correctly.

This is why we recommend using a standalone ECU when running this camshaft in your car.

Are any other modifications to the engine required to run this camshaft?

The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft is a great modification to any engine, but it’s recommended that you upgrade the valve springs or risk failure every time you remove the head.

The stock valve springs are fine for street use, but if you plan on adding boost or running higher than stock power levels then it’s best to replace them with something stronger.

The most common failure point in an LS motor is the valvetrain. This can be for a variety of reasons including too much spring pressure, weak retainers and locks, or worn cam lobes.

What type of power can be expected from this cam?

The power increase you can expect from this cam will depend on the rest of your build. On a stock vehicle, it’s not going to be earth-shattering, but it would still provide a noticeable kick in horsepower and torque.

If you are looking to make more power with a larger turbo or bigger injectors and such, then this cam will give you a nice boost all the way up until redline.

I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is trying to run triple digit boost levels with their stock bottom end though – it just won’t hold up past 5500 RPMs without breaking apart!

The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft for Power enthusiast

The Sloppy Stage 2 camshaft is a great option for an enthusiast looking for power without spending huge money on an entire performance build.

stage 2 camshaft

While the power increase over stock is significant, it’s still not expensive enough to be out of reach for most enthusiasts.

The Sloppy Stage 2 camshaft can be installed without much difficulty and makes a great first step in tuning your engine.


Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft is a cam for big bores, aggressive engines, and lots of horsepower. It does not have the radical lobe-separation angles that other big-lifter cams do for maximum performance.

Sloppy Stage 2 cam offers a more streetable powerband and less chance of detonation from the wild-looking grinds.

However, if you have an old 4.6L we recommend upgrading your valvespring caps to 1.6 ratio or better yet go with 1.8 ratio which reduces spring pressure by 30 percent.