The Wonderful Vice Lord 9 Codes of Conduct

The Vice Lords adhere to specific codes of conduct aimed at curtailing illicit activities. These codes are categorized into four sections: Initiation, Membership, Crimes, and Symbols, each serving a significant purpose.


The initiation phase entails adherence to a set of guidelines by members, established to foster a shared understanding of House policies and address inappropriate behavior. However, concerns have been raised regarding terminology discrepancies, accounting practices, and the divulgence of personal information about third parties. Improvements in enforceability and the inclusion of a clear appeals process are deemed necessary.


The Vice Lords operate under organized factions, each led by a king and comprising various member classifications. Criminal activities range from narcotic trafficking to violence, often utilized for territorial expansion or protection of existing operations. Traditional gang-related crimes are also prevalent within their operations.


Originating in the late 1950s in Chicago, the Vice Lords emerged as a prominent African American gang, recruiting members locally and engaging in conflicts with other city clubs. Over time, splinter groups, including the “Travelling Vice Lords,” expanded their influence through violence and recruitment drives in neighboring cities. Family ties within the gang, particularly within its leadership ranks, hold significant sway, with certain members carrying symbols of “royalty.”

Internal Conflicts:

The Vice Lord 9 gang has a history marred by internal conflicts and defections, with notable instances of members switching allegiances to rival gangs. Such rifts have shaped the gang’s evolution and impacted its organizational structure.

Evolution and Influence:

Initially an informal peer group, the Vice Lords evolved into a multi-state street organization involved in criminal financing, drug businesses, and legitimate enterprises. The gang’s transformation has left a lasting impact on modern street gangs in the United States.

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Leadership and Membership:

Key figures within the Vice Lords, like John Lofton, hold influential positions, often regarded with a sense of “royalty” within the gang hierarchy. Hand signals and emblems, including the five-pointed star and crown, serve as identifiers for members.

People Also Ask:

Vice Lord Code: Bobby Gore, a co-founder of the Conservative Vice Lords, played a significant role in the gang’s history.

Activities: The Vice Lords’ evolution from an informal group to a multi-state organization involved various activities, including civil rights mobilization and illicit drug businesses.

Rivals: Rival gangs include Surenos, while allies encompass groups like the Latin Kings and the Black P. Stones.

Vice Kings: A gang featured in Saints Row IV, known for using distinct vehicles compared to other gangs in the game.