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What is Common App use for? Is It worth it? 4 Powerful Answers

The common app is used by hundreds of colleges and universities across the country. Apply to various schools with one application, learn about upcoming deadlines and college fairs, and double check that you’ve got the best possible essay for each school.

The Common App

The Common Application is a non-profit membership organization of more than 700 colleges, universities and independent schools that accept the Common App.

The Common App is a simple, straightforward way to apply to college. It helps students save time and energy when applying to multiple schools quickly and easily.

In addition to applying to one school at a time, students can also submit their application fee via the Common App’s website. College fees are generally $65-$75 per school. The application itself is free.

The Common App allows students to submit one application that is then sent to all member institutions in their area.

common app

This makes it easier for students to research schools before deciding which ones they want to apply to and cuts down on the amount of paperwork involved in applying to multiple schools at once.

The Common App can be used for both undergraduate and graduate applications and covers everything from selecting majors and extracurricular activities to writing personal statements and answering essay questions about personal background, career goals and more.

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What is Common App use for?

What is the common application? The Common Application is a non-profit organization that provides an online college admission platform. With this, you can apply to multiple schools using one application instead of having to complete different applications for each school.

What is the common app used for?

It’s used to apply to colleges and scholarships. You can use it if you’re going through the process alone or with a parent or counselor who helps guide you through by answering questions about what schools and scholarship opportunities are best for your student based on their interests and goals.

What does Common App do?

Common App provides an online platform where students can complete one application that will then be submitted to more than 500 member colleges throughout the United States through their own respective websites (like UCLA).

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Because each school has its own timeline and deadline dates, students should check individual school websites to ensure they follow all deadlines appropriately before submitting their applications via Common App’s website portal page access code provided by counselors or advisors.

What is the disadvantage of the common application?

The common application is a great tool to help you apply to schools, but you should be aware of some potential disadvantages.

  • You can’t change your essay once submitted. The common application requires that you submit all essays in advance and cannot be changed after submission (with the exception of minor grammatical errors). So if you are not sure about your essay topic or if it doesn’t read well, then you may want to consider rethinking it before submitting it for review by admissions officers at each school as part of their application process.
  • You can’t apply with the common app if a school does not accept any type of fee waiver from either FAFSA or CSS Profile (the two most commonly used financial aid forms). This means that many expensive out-of-state private schools will require an additional supplemental form called the PROFILE instead of using this centralizing platform for applying for admittance into universities across the country; however, there are still many high quality public institutions which do not require any additional paperwork beyond what is already required by law when filing taxes (as long as they have already been filed) so there are still plenty left!

How long does Common App take?

The Common App takes about a week to complete. This includes completing the application, which can be done in two hours or less. The essay takes anywhere from one month to two months to complete, depending on how long it takes you to write your essay(s).

You can save time on your essays by having them written before you start working on them in the summer or fall.

You can also save time by choosing a topic that has already been published by an author whose work you admire and using it as inspiration for your own writing (as long as this doesn’t violate any copyright laws).

Is the Common App worth it?

The Common App is worth it for these reasons:

  • It’s free to apply – you don’t have to pay to submit your application, even if you are applying to more than one school.
  • You don’t need to write multiple essays for each school. Instead, you can use the same essay for all of the schools that accept the Common App (and those who don’t accept it may still ask you to write an essay).
  • It saves time because there’s no need for postage costs. Instead, your applications will be sent electronically. That means less printing and mailing – and less chance of making mistakes!

But there are some major reasons why you should use it.

The common app is a great way to apply for college because it’s easy to use, it can be used for multiple schools, and it makes the application process less stressful.

They are also convenient because you can send your application in earlier than other schools. This means that you’ll have an earlier decision date and more time on your hands before school starts up again!

It’s also a great way of knowing if someone has read through your essays or not just by looking at the comments they’ve left (or not).

“Common App use” isn’t just limited to applying though; there are many other ways that people can use this platform such as applying for financial aid or even just networking with people who share similar interests as well as ideas about life after high school graduation.”

It’s easier for students to apply to multiple schools at once.

The Common App is a good thing for students. It saves them time, effort and money by allowing them to apply to as many schools as they want at once. In fact, most colleges provide an online list of schools that accept the Common App (and which don’t).

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This means that if you’re applying to multiple universities with similar admissions requirements, you can do all your applications in one sitting!

In addition, since most schools use the same essay prompt for their prompts, it’s less likely that you’ll end up writing more than one essay for each school.

If a school doesn’t ask for an additional essay (or does ask but does so separately from other standardized tests/essays), then there’s no need to worry about double-dipping on topics either – making it easier still!

You will get your application in sooner.

In the end, you will get your application in sooner. This is a great advantage because it means that you can apply to multiple schools in one fell swoop.

You’ll also save money on application fees and have more time to work on other parts of the college admissions process – like visiting schools or studying for entrance exams – because you won’t be waiting for your school’s response before moving on.

Using the Common App has other benefits as well: You’ll be able to get help from people who know you best and create an authentic essay that really reflects who are, not just what you think admissions officers want to see.

It’s an easy way for colleges to standardize applications.

Once you have an account, you can log in to your dashboard and begin filling out your application. The Common App has a standardized set of questions that every college uses on its application, so it’s a lot easier for colleges to compare applications.

If two applicants have filled out the same school’s Common App essay question, they will see exactly what each other wrote.

This also makes it easier for students who want to apply to multiple schools at once; they don’t have to spend hours writing different essays or researching different requirements for each school!

Colleges can run trials of the application before running the real thing.

Common App can also be used to test out new features. So if your college has an idea for something, it can try it out on Common App first. This way, colleges don’t have to run a whole trial of the application and then make changes later on.

One essay can be used for multiple schools, but not all schools allow this.

  • You can use the same essay for multiple schools, but not all schools allow this.
  • If you happen to apply to one of these colleges, they will receive your application and compare it to their own common app.

The Common Application is convenient and makes applying to college less stressful.

The Common Application is a standardized college application. It has been used by more than 700 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and China to accept applications on behalf of their schools.

The Common Application was created in 1975 with the intention to make applying to college easier for students.

Common App use can save you time and energy because it is convenient to apply using this form once rather than having to fill out different forms for each school you want to attend.

One part of the common app asks you questions such as your name, address and phone number so that if any information changes during the admissions process, it can easily be updated by your high school or through the Common App website itself.

Another benefit of using this form is that it saves you from having multiple essays written about why you want go there – instead only one essay needs writing which will be read by all participating schools!

There are also many features within this website that make applying for college less stressful too:

You can see what essays have already been written down so far before sending yours off into cyberspace where no one else will ever see them again; unlike other websites where everyone gets their own login code; here they use ‘username’ instead which means no more remembering another password every month when logging back into their account!


Ultimately, the Common App offers a simple way to apply to college that is more likely to be beneficial for students than complicated applications.

Many college-bound students dislike the idea of filling out long applications that may only be considered once; this is exactly what the Common App does away with.

The application provides a convenient way for students to apply to many schools at once and is much more appealing than individual school’s applications.