what is the opposite of a cougar

What is the Opposite of a Cougar? Interchangeable Terms but 2 Great Species

What is the opposite of a cougar? It’s commonly called ‘Puma’ but let’s take a look at the origin and the various application of the word to help us understand it and it’s opposite word.

What is the opposite of a cougar?


Despite what you may think, the term “puma” and “cougar” are not interchangeable. Although the term is commonly used for the same animal, the two species have some very different physical features.

In the zoological field, pumas and cougars are referred to as “mountain lions.” There are six subspecies of mountain lions. Each subspecies has a different range of geographic distribution. Some, like the Florida panther, are endangered. Others, like the California mountain lion, are widely distributed across both Americas.

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Pumas and cougars are both large cats, but they have different physical characteristics. While the cougar is the largest of the mountain lion species, the puma is the second largest.

The puma has a long tail that is commonly tipped with black. The tail is usually held close to the ground when the animal is walking. It is also very agile. In the wild, a puma may attack inhuman habitation or kill someone, but most of the time it springs from cover and stalks its victim. It is able to kill in a matter of minutes, and the victim is often killed with its teeth.

Pumas are solitary creatures, but they can form breeding associations. These associations last from one to six days, and they usually bed near the carcasses of prey.

Pumas prefer to feed on medium to large mammals, such as elk, deer, and hares. They can also eat birds and snakes. Their large appetites require large areas of land, and they will often bed near their kills, covering the carcass with debris.

Puma concolor is a subspecies of the mountain lion. The name is derived from the Peruvian Quechua word “pumala”, meaning “powerful animal”. It can be found from the Yukon in northern Canada to the southern Andes. In the United States, the slang term “puma” is usually used for a young cougar.

The puma is the second largest cat in the Americas after the jaguar. The puma is one of the most adaptable animals on the planet, and its extensive range allows it to survive in almost any habitat.