Where to Go When You Have Nowhere to Go? 3 Major Places Listed

Where to go when you have nowhere to go? As you leave a relationship, many things need to be considered when finding yourself without somewhere safe to turn for support – be it financial resources, family ties or friends. But there are steps you can take in order to find shelter and comfort during these trying times.


Shelters provide temporary refuge for those without other options during the day and night when they have nowhere else to turn, providing protection, food, clothing and counseling services as needed for homeless individuals. You may find shelters located throughout various communities – inquire at local churches or non-profit social service libraries; alternatively you can call hotlines or directories for further guidance.

As some shelters have rules that make them unappealing to those in need, for instance requiring minimum incomes, having limited hours of operation and curfews; or alcohol bans and single-sex policies as well as religious requirements can make these shelters unattractive alternatives may arise – causing individuals to seek alternative ways of survival such as staying with family members or sleeping in their cars.

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To address this problem, shelters need to alter their outreach strategies and collaborate with community partners in tailoring services specifically to their client needs. They should also focus on building trust with the community while working toward dispelling myths about homelessness while encouraging community members to volunteer at shelters or participate in programs which foster self-reliance; doing this will disprove stereotypes of homeless people while showing that they’re just like everyone else.


When someone needs shelter, their local church can often be their go-to option. You’ll find an army of Christians eager to assist by providing food, clothing and temporary lodging if available; otherwise they can often work with local hotels to offer temporary stays if budget allows it.

Churches already do amazing things every single week, such as leading people to Christ (both inside and outside of services) and strengthening believers. There’s no need to try too hard at being cool with hipster haircuts or deep V-neck shirts or program titles that sound like indie band names – these churches do great things without trying so hard!


Finding strength to leave an abusive relationship can be challenging if you lack money, family support or somewhere to go. Luckily, there are numerous empowering shelters, churches and community organizations that offer essential help when leaving an abusive relationship. Seeking sanctuary with family can also provide important support; just remember to be prepared for some tension while at first.