Which Are The Best Cities For Airbnb Arbitrage 2023?

best cities for airbnb arbitrage 2023

The best cities for airbnb arbitrage 2023: Airbnb arbitrage is an innovative method for earning passive income without owning an investment property. It involves renting short-term rentals and subletting them to Airbnb guests for passive income generation.

Unfortunately, some cities have stringent regulations which make running an Airbnb business challenging.

Is Miami of the Best Cities for Airbnb Arbitrage 2023?

Miami is an attractive tourist destination that draws millions of visitors each year due to its warm climate and stunning beaches. Additionally, its lax regulations on short-term rentals make this an attractive travel option.


Airbnb rental arbitrage offers newcomers to real estate investing an excellent way of breaking into it without needing to purchase property outright. This business model involves renting out vacation homes and subletting them to Airbnb guests for short-term stays; thus enabling secondary hosts to earn more than they would had they owned it themselves. In order to be successful at Airbnb rental arbitrage, select cities with high demand but low costs.

Miami has long been a favorite travel destination, drawing travelers from around the globe with its luxurious hotels, Art Deco buildings, and endless shopping. Miami also boasts an exciting nightlife scene and vibrant cultural landscape to draw in visitors of all kinds.

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Las Vegas is well-known for its world-class entertainment and luxurious hotels, as well as year-round sunshine and sandy beaches that draw in visitors from across the United States. If you prefer something more relaxing during your visit, hiking, biking, kayaking and watching professional football games offer leisure activities. Furthermore, Las Vegas has relatively lax regulations concerning short-term rentals.

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Real estate investors need to convince landlords that renting their property via Airbnb is profitable. To do this, having facts and figures backing up your argument will help, including knowing local laws regarding Airbnb rental arbitrage as well as understanding insurance requirements and how best to shield yourself from liability.

AirDNA, a leading Airbnb data provider, notes that Nashville is an attractive market for short term rentals due to its close proximity to popular tourist spots, business-related travel needs, high occupancy rate and seasonality rating; making it an attractive investment market.

Charleston is an attractive Airbnb investment market due to its close proximity to large cities, high average monthly revenue and low vacancy rates. Charleston features a vibrant music scene, world-class restaurants and an enchanting historic downtown that make for the ideal romantic destination for couples. Plus there are plenty of boutique hotels and Airbnbs for travelers looking for more authentic experiences.


Airbnb arbitrage is an attractive strategy for investing in vacation rental properties without actually owning them. Listing them on Airbnb and generating local leads to maximize occupancy rates is key here; to achieve success with this investment strategy you should select a city with high tourism levels at low costs with fair regulations for short-term rentals.

Charleston, South Carolina is an increasingly popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking beaches and historic architecture, lively music scene, and delectable cuisine. According to AirDNA, Charleston boasts one of the highest RevPAR growths nationwide making it ideal for Airbnb arbitrage opportunities.

Jacksonville is another lucrative Airbnb Arbitrage market, and one of the five top destinations for month-long stays and an attractive return. To capitalize on this opportunity, focus on creating an appealing Airbnb listing featuring high-quality photos and accurate descriptions; optimize for SEO; include all pertinent amenities; create it easily using tools like Mashvisor’s Property Finder!

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Las Vegas

Rental arbitrage could be the perfect investment strategy if you’re seeking an easy way to profit from Airbnb without owning real estate. By renting out your property to short-term vacation guests and earning more profit than if it had been owned yourself, rental arbitrage allows for quick profits without being tied down as tightly by owning property yourself. But make sure that before investing in rental arbitrage properties that you do your research; profits vary depending on neighborhood and size so do some homework beforehand to find where profits may lie.

Charleston is an idyllic southern city that makes an excellent Airbnb investment opportunity. Tourists, nurses and corporate travelers are plentiful here; average daily rates are much cheaper than more touristy locales; plus there’s an impressive 77% occupancy rate so your profits should increase quickly!

Many cities have banned short-term rentals because they compete with long-term residents and limit housing supply, while some cities allow this form of rental with loose regulations – you should select a city which makes your Airbnb business profitable to ensure its success.


Airbnb rental arbitrage involves leasing an apartment or home long-term and then marketing it as short-term vacation rentals to tourists, offering consistent profits without the burden of owning and managing property. To begin this strategy, first identify a city with high demand but low costs. Next step should be determining if their city permits non-owner occupied short-term rentals as well as reviewing local Airbnb regulations and laws.

Portland is an idyllic coastal city known for its craft beer scene and scenic natural surroundings, drawing millions of visitors each year, making it an excellent Airbnb investment opportunity. Offering an average daily rental rate (ADR) of $150 with an occupancy rate (OR) of 60%, Portland provides an attractive return on investment – plus its relaxed regulations regarding short-term rentals make renting properties hassle free!

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Tampa ranks seventh on our top ten list for Airbnb arbitrage opportunities, drawing visitors from different demographics such as business travelers and digital nomads alike. From live music performances and dancing events to watching Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games – Tampa offers something exciting for all visitors.