White American Dishes: 5 Great Tasty Dishes

You may think that the ingredients in white American dishes are all white. However, if you take a look at the composition of most white American dishes, you’ll realize that they’re not.

Some common examples of such meals include:

  • Meatloaf,
  • Country fried steak,
  • Chicken salad, and
  • Macaroni and cheese.

White American Dishes


Meatloaf is a staple white American dish, and it’s made easily at home using simple ingredients. It’s a good option for the whole family. The meatloaf is a simple, meat-and-vegetable mixture that is baked until done. Depending on the size of your meatloaf, you can cook it in the oven or in a skillet.

Meatloaf can be prepared using ground meat, bread crumbs, and spices. In addition to ground meat, you can also add rice or minced vegetables. Eggs are a key ingredient to meatloaf, as they help bind the ingredients together and add flavor.

Meatloaf has evolved over time. It started out as a breakfast dish, but later became a staple meal for white Americans. While the recipe differs between the US and Europe, its main ingredient remains the same: ground pork.

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Country Fried Steak

Country fried steak is a dish with cubes of meat fried and covered in brown gravy. It is a popular dish in the Southern United States. In the 19th century, German immigrants brought the dish to the United States. The Germans are known for their wiener schnitzel, a fried veal cutlet.

The dish has become a popular staple for many families in the South. Another version of country fried steak is chicken fried steak, which is also a breaded cube steak served with a peppery white gravy.

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To make country fried steak, start by heating the oil to 350 degrees. Use a heavy bottomed pan to fry the steak. Cast iron skillets work best. You should also use a food thermometer to ensure that the oil is hot enough. A light-colored roux is also required.

Chicken Salad

Chicken salad has been around for decades. Its humble beginnings date back to 1863 when a Rhode Island meat store owner combined leftover chicken with tarragon and grapes. The dish soon became wildly popular, and the meat store owner eventually converted the shop into a delicatessen.

The dish is an easy, inexpensive way to get lean protein. It also has a decent amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and iron. However, it still has a high calorie content and should be eaten in moderate portions. If you want to make the salad healthier, you can use lower-calorie binders such as yogurt or reduced-calorie mayonnaise.

Chicken salad is great for a light lunch or snack. It goes well with grilled shrimp or grilled fruit skewers. It can be prepared ahead of time and doesn’t need to be cooked. You can also double or triple the recipe. It also goes well with grilled meat.

Macaroni and Cheese

The dish has a rich history. It was first served by slave James Hemings, who was owned by Thomas Jefferson. The recipe originated in France and used a white sauce, cream, and Gruyere cheese. The English version of macaroni and cheese, however, did not include cinnamon or cream.

In America, macaroni and cheese is a staple. Whether you buy it from the box or prepare it at home, this food has a rich history. The dish was popularized by Thomas Jefferson, who had an enslaved black chef, James Hemmings. Macaroni and cheese was an inexpensive way to feed a family and was an essential staple for many. The popularity of the dish continues today because it is so common in American society.

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Macaroni and cheese recipes are very simple. Pasta, butter, and Parmesan cheese are the most common ingredients. However, many Americans use processed cheeses and improvise with spices. In addition to a basic version, you can also find gourmet versions that include bacon and other meats.

Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken was first created in the Jim Crow era, when Jim Crow declared Black neighborhoods unlivable and in need of “redevelopment.” The town’s hot chicken was invented in a mostly Black neighborhood, near the capitol, and three highways. The city’s development strategy effectively cut off Black neighborhoods.

Today, it’s considered one of America’s classic dishes. And while it’s not a true southern dish, it does contain some unique qualities.

One of the most distinctive features of Nashville hot chicken is its coating. It’s coated in a spicy flour mix before being deep-fried. This mixture is prepared while the chicken marinates. It contains all-purpose flour, cayenne pepper, and paprika. The chicken is then fried to golden brown.