White American Food Culture: Origin and 3 Great Influences

White American food culture: In 1960, Melba Ellison coined the term “white people’s food culture.” Her research revealed that white people dominate American eating habits, including pre-packaged snacks, fast food, and high-fat prepared foods.

It also revealed that whites are far more likely to eat out, and many have unhealthy dietary habits.

White American Food Culture

Origins of Delicatessens

Delicatessens, a type of retail establishment specializing in gourmet foods, originated in Germany in the 18th century and were brought to the United States by immigrants in the late nineteenth century. Their popularity grew as more people realized the benefits of small, easily accessible retail outlets.

German Influence

While the American public rejected much of German culture, they accepted many of the food traditions of the country. While Fettkuchle is no longer tossed to children on Shrove Tuesday, German coffee, and Christmas celebrations are now widely celebrated.

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Asian and Latin Flavors

The integration of Asian and Latin flavors in the American diet has been a growing trend. Spices from these regions are used in everyday dishes, and are now available in most grocery stores. A few examples include ginger, lemongrass, chile de arbol, cilantro, and fennel seed.

Apple Pie

After World War II, American food culture changed. It became more focused on industrialization and mass-production. People began to buy American products with national pride. In addition, capitalism became an integral part of American customs. The apple pie became a nationalist symbol.

French Fries

French fries are a staple of American cuisine. Their history dates back to the nineteenth century, when Thomas Jefferson brought the recipe to the US. However, the word “French fry” was not used until the 1870s, when they became widely known. Their popularity soon spread throughout the country, and they were even popular in some drive-in restaurants.

In fact, French fries were one of the first fast foods to become popular in the US, and their success led to them becoming popular around the world.

French Fries are a Guilty Pleasure

Michelle Obama is a big lover of French fries, and she frequently talks about them. While she has emphasized the importance of eating healthy for nearly a year, she also loves to eat fast food and enjoy the taste of French fries. On Tuesday, she’ll launch a campaign against childhood obesity, and she wants to change the eating and exercise habits of millions of Americans.

Apple Pie is Baked

In white American food culture, apple pie has a special place. Its roots go back to the English colonization of the Americas, when apple trees were symbols of civilization and used to prove that land was improved. Johnny Appleseed, a farmer from Virginia, sowed apples on frontiers of US expansion. Later, they became symbols of extirpated Indigenous people.

Apple Pie is a Baked Dessert

Apple pie is a baked dessert with a rich history in the white American food culture. Its origins date to the 1300s in England, and it took 500 years before it became popular in the United States. It became popular thanks to settlers who brought apples with them. In 1796, the cookbook American Cookery was published and included two apple pie recipes.

By the end of the 18th century, apple pie had become a staple of American cuisine. During the 20th century, the pie was associated with cultural identity and the nation’s prosperity.