Level Up Home Improvement – What or Who Are They?

Level Up Home Improvement is an established construction company specializing in home repair, remodeling services and storm damage restoration. Their highly regarded professionals take a hands on approach when meeting all their clients’ needs in order to guarantee only the highest standards are met. Cody and Kelley take great pride in maintaining these high standards for each one of their customers.


Level Up Innovations LLC of Northeast Ohio is proud to have over 16 years of experience in the construction industry, and are dedicated to helping their customers create their ideal home with quality roofing, storm damage repair, window and door installation and whole home renovations. Cody and Kelley, husband and wife team who built the highest rated contracting company in Northeast Ohio are driven by family values that allow Level Up’s entire team to offer only exceptional service based on your specific requirements. Call them now for your free estimate – the family at Level Up will take good care in taking care of you!

*Level Up Innovations LLC is fully licensed and insured and an endorsed vendor with the Better Business Bureau.


Siding is the go-to exterior solution for long-term durability and economical design in any home. Choose between wood, fiberglass and composite options when selecting siding material – such as wooden, fiberglass or composite material. Plus we’ll replace or install windows, trim and doors to match it! Let us do these projects all at once for maximum savings in both money and time! Level Up innovations LLC is run by husband-wife team Cody and Kelley who bring their dedication and family values to every project at Level Up innovations LLC; their efforts have made Level Up innovations LLC the highest rated contractor company in Southern Maryland! And every project receives this special care from these dedicated staffers who apply their dedication and care from start to finish!

Windows & Doors

If your windows are old and splintering, installing new ones can greatly enhance both the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as make it safer and increase property values. A set of new windows could also significantly increase energy efficiency – but first it’s essential that you understand all the available types to make an educated choice that is best suited to your home. You should visit showrooms to explore each option available to make the best choice; visit showrooms where representatives offer professional guidance to determine their impact on appearance, function, cost and guarantee options from window manufacturers as this could make choosing which option would best serve best your needs when choosing which manufacturer.


Renovation can be defined simply as “to revive,” and in home improvement terms is used to refer to small-scale, surface level work that rejuvenates an area or house. Such projects could involve repainting, refacing cabinets, installing new fixtures or lighting; overall renovating typically costs less than remodeling due to maintaining its original design.

Home remodeling projects don’t always center around what homeowners want; sometimes they must be undertaken due to urgent issues like leaky roofs or outdated electrical systems. Renovation projects play a vital role in keeping families safe and comfortable as well as making homes more desirable when selling.

Level Up Innovations LLC can make your dreams of adding a home theater to entertain guests or designing the perfect living space come true. Their experienced contractors boast more than 16 years of industry experience, providing guidance throughout every step of the process.

Renovating can increase both your property value and that of surrounding homes in your neighborhood, leading to happier neighbors and an improvement in aesthetics that draws potential buyers when you decide to sell your own. Renovation can increase both property values as well as overall neighborhood appeal – adding both of these components together will increase overall property values for neighboring homes as well as increase your own if selling is ever an option.