Why Planet Fitness Doesn’t Have a Scale?

Planet Fitness stands by their judgment-free environment philosophy by forgoing scales as part of their gym facilities, believing they may trigger negative thoughts or emotions when used for weight measurement.

Instead of using scales to track progress, these companies encourage taking a healthier approach by tracking other aspects of the body such as measurements and clothing fit. Furthermore, they offer tools such as progress photos and fitness assessments.

Weight Scales

Daily weighing can be an effective tool for tracking weight loss progress. But it’s important to keep in mind that scale readings alone don’t serve as the sole indicator of health and fitness – other indicators include body measurements, BFA percentage analysis, fitness assessments and progress photos.

Planet Fitness gyms are well known for their affordable membership fees and friendly environment, offering a range of workout equipment designed to help achieve fitness goals: treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines as well as strength training machines to build muscle mass.

The gym chain has made an intentional choice to forgo providing weight scales in their gyms due to the belief that individuals often use scales as an indicator of self-worth, which hinders fitness journeys and leads members to set unrealistic expectations of themselves and their bodies.

People often become dismayed to discover their weight has not changed despite diligent gym workouts, however this is due to your body shedding both muscle and fat as you lose weight – muscle is heavier than fat so this might not show up as easily on a scale reading. Furthermore, how much weight you shed also depends on diet and lifestyle factors.

Body Measurements

Many who come to Planet Fitness seek muscle gains. Unfortunately, those gains can often prove more elusive than expected due to our society’s focus on weight and its implications for society as a whole. But don’t despair just yet: There are other ways you can measure progress and reach your goals than simply looking at scale numbers alone; one option would be tracking waist circumference and body fat percentage metrics which provide more meaningful indicators of progress than simply the number on the scale!

Planet Fitness prides itself on creating a judgment-free zone, and strives to encourage this environment with no scales in its gyms. According to Planet Fitness, scales may cause motivation problems within fitness enthusiasts; particularly newcomers may become disenchanted when their hard work doesn’t appear on a scale immediately.

Planet Fitness believes that weight should not be used as the sole measure of one’s worth or success; instead, they emphasize different aspects of health like muscle mass and strength development to measure progress towards fitness goals more accurately than weight alone.

Fitness Apps

Planet Fitness refuses to include scales in their gyms because they believe this fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and free of judgement. Furthermore, their belief is that many people rely too heavily on scales as a measurement of progress; this could potentially lead to disappointment if after several days of working out the scale doesn’t show much change.

Planet Fitness encourages its members to track their health and fitness in other ways besides the traditional weight scale, including body measurements, clothing fit and overall well-being. At the gym, members are encouraged to celebrate non-scale victories that go beyond weight measurement alone.

Planet Fitness does not offer scales because they can be expensive to buy and maintain, can become distracting during workouts, and could potentially make people feel intimidated.

If you’re serious about getting in shape, investing in an accessible scale that integrates well with fitness apps and provides accurate results is paramount to success. There are apps which enable multiple devices to sync their scale simultaneously while keeping their results secure and private.

Where a Planet Fitness location has scales depends on local laws and rules; some cities mandate that all gyms contain them while others don’t. Furthermore, certain locations may feature the Lunk Alarm; this loud siren goes off whenever someone grunts during workout or drops weights unexpectedly during their routine – this policy has caused considerable contention, with some gyms revoking membership of those who violate it.


Planet Fitness does not use scales because their members often become discouraged when they don’t see changes to their weight. People expect to lose a significant amount of weight after working hard in the gym, but when that doesn’t happen they can become disillusioned and give up altogether – leading them down an unmotivated path that leads them away from fitness altogether.

Planet Fitness does provide other means of tracking members’ progress without scales, including Body Measurements at some locations and giving access to metrics such as body fat percentage and other vital statistics that allow members to make more informed decisions regarding health and diet and their goals. This way, members are better equipped for making the right choices to reach their desired outcomes.

Planet Fitness utilizes AI-powered digital coaches to keep their members motivated. These personalized advice and encouragement providers should become available at over 2,000 Planet Fitness locations by 2022.

Planet Fitness stands out among fitness studios by employing an anti-bullying and judgment-free philosophy, which has seen them gain popularity with people of all ages and backgrounds. Furthermore, their no-fee guest policy makes joining easy for friends and family while their “Lunk Alarm” prevents excessive grunting from disrupting other members’ workouts.